big Princess, A fishing Jinfang went straight back to the Court.I did not want to control the living room is still a family of three, at the moment sink sinking, sensitive and fragile self-denial heart should be ruthlessly destr深圳桑拿网oy right-wing king.


  Shen Katsumi This man was very tall, but why suffering Yin Ji, a great ego caused extreme low 南宁夜网self-esteem, a sign of trouble, it is stimulated, and began to self-pity.No people around better life, but they stimulated him.His day can stimulate a return eight hundred.
  He broke it wrong, It can cure Nguyen Mu Qing.In his words are how to say?A fishing recall the recall, oh, Nguyen Mu Qing together and he never relaxed comfortable.
  Oh, and Xie Wanyu feel overwhelmed with the kindness, the kindness that they can take the initiative to ask, even beg to Mongolia with the cheat.
  Back Jinfang Court, ordered the closure of fishing Arab courtyard, but not everyone.Now she is looking forward to Shen Mu Qing Ruan self-denial quickly and in a roll, that she wishes to complete the original body, and how far away from these people how far a quick glance hurt the eyes.
  Rong Wang family of three in the living room beyond belief南宁夜网.
  His life had never been so embarrassed embarrassing shame king of glory will vent anger will fall into children in Shen Rong Princess and body self-denial, the two men lambasted.
  Since faulty, even to marry, but also marry wickets good small family just the right.They booing, people Tunxiang inadequate, even married women TSE.Well now, the control of others.
  Shen pointed Katsumi want to criticize, but see the color of snow he thought he was wrong, the same as men can not help but pity Wang Rong, will be transferred to the fire wing Princess him: “You’re OK, hiding me so many years, yesterday you st

ll certainly on your side!


  Han Zhen convener of a long brainstorming, it is assumed that the杭州桑拿洗浴re will be broken once opened City consequences deduction study, rehearse a few posterior, and held several exercises, so that everyone knows how to escape once the city break, as much as possible to keep most people’s lives.
  He always wanted peace and tranquility in this world, every life finds are cherished, is willing to laugh 都市兔兔体验网at this world Huakaihuaxie!
  Once he is, as much as possible to live on their own aspirations for a long time, thinking that life should not have regained the slightest waste, fear of death!
  Today, however, he has stood on the city wall, face the most dangerous war!He will not retire, they can not retreat, because behind him are millions of people, countless vivid life!
  Watch heavy pressure pile up the human mind, who can not turn a blind eye only their own safety, the safety of individuals in the face of the overall situation can really do is indifferent, selfish crushed in no way left!
  You can only fight but to fight, fight for a chance to everyone!
  Han Zhen looked cool walls of the Mongols under attack him, the battle cry the sky, changjon across in the ears, as if the soul flying outside the body, the mouth is num南宁桑拿b calm down pass command.
  This is the countless Mongolian launched the first assault several times, each time to go all out, every once also fortunate repulsed each other!It looks as if Mongolia in terms of siege has been running out of tricks, bottom in vain, like a helpless reconciled under.
  Will respond to the initial fear, but also timid, but after numerous hard defenders, then timid soldiers also learned to calmly and ridicule Mongolia worthy of the name will be opening in the open, I learned to entertain themselves!Unfortunately, because of weak soldiers have died in previous wars there, and do not have a strong heart in a brutal battle is not live!
  Mongolia once again beat a retreat, angrily unwilling to get away after le

ital in the hundred meters, I heard someone shout.”


  Lei Jun is really worried about her safety, he did not forget before she was surrounded by red armbands thing, but fortunately with the departure of the injured Qu Hongbing, red armbands on the town were disbanded, or else he would not agree to a person outside Qi Yue live.
  I thought, he told her: “You can come out live, but three meals a day and had to Huang.”
  I am wondering cook their own Qi Yue “ah” sound, somewhat reluctantly, after all, after September, Yuan Qiaoer have to follow her to dinner, always good to go home Master Cengfan.
  Just before she put on these grounds, Lei Jun said with a straight face: “Do you want to answer this one, then do not rent out.”
  Qi Yue looked sad, was going to argue, Yu Guoqing came over, he followed a dusty man.
  About as bi佛山桑拿网g as a man forty years old, pinched face, drooping eyelids, face look reveals not willing, also took Yu Guoqing mantra: “I little brother, you say you live here, I have no opinion, but a small the girl was admitted to my house, good swearing.”
  ”What good swearing?You go home to move to the Recycle Bin, and no one will say gossip.Before you say yes, some do not now go back on is not authentic?”Yu Guoqing some unhappy, he was originally a hit with the ticket package Qi Yue, who wants Mr. Wu Qi Yue’s face in front of three go back, which makes his face where to put ah?
  Mr. Wu also three long face: “You said the original borrow my house, but did not say to a little girl to live ah.”
  ”I did not say do not give the little girl to live, you promised so I agreed, and then you go back, but I want to turn against the.”Yu Guoqing black face.
  Qi Yue hear their quarrel, busy pulling forward Yu Guoqing advised: “Forget uncle, the uncle is not convenient, I go somewhere else looking for an apartment Well.”
  The “full town, in addition to him that, where there is more suitable house?Just leave your clinic and hospital are near miscellaneous Master, do not worry about security.”Yu Guoqing, but made up his mind grinding down, staring at Mr. Wu three,” Dr Wong fo杭州百花坊论坛llo

his voice, think of the fate of missing job.He lost the head-five US kowtow, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”


  Chen before quickly opened five US, angrily: “She is a little girl, where you can be affected by such a gift.”Slow the slow voice,” Ah you up as long as the apology on the line.”
  Jinjiang looked up to see a leaf boat, Ye Zhou said: “I would also like to teach you how?”
  Jinjiang get up, five US red bow and apologize: “I’m sorry.”B杭州桑拿洗浴efore and rushed Chen and several other people bow and apologize,” I is not right, people should not look 南宁夜网down.”
  So let him apologize to the eight positive children, several girl, embarrassed, six Ah tender voice said: “My father said, rectifies it is a good man, you just changed, you will be in the future is a good man.”
  ”Look at your sincere apology, this time I do not care about you, next time I do not say that you direct it out the door.”
  As long as had not been fired, how about on the line.Jinjiang rub a bit of sweat on his forehead.
  ”You look at this seriously two years of work, had intended to take you as my disciple, teach you some medicine.Today it seems that you still lack Mind.”
  Jinjiang foot of a stagger, he wanted to kill himself, let himself good chance screwed up.
  ”Today you take a day off to go home now.”
  Jinjiang very sad, want to plead leaves a boat, it is conceivable that his temper, sadly gone.
  Before Chen 苏州夜网stepped forward and said: “That drug, we pick it up to ensure that a lot of.”
  ”When will someone pick up, you do not lose money.”Ye boat calm eyes seemed to see through his mind.
  Chen before rubbing his hands, “that thank you.”
  Ye Zhou nodded, and said: “You come to see the doctor?”
  ”exactly.”Chen nodded quickly before.
  ”Come on that.”
  There is a layer above, doctors Zuozhen place, like the follow

small wounds, shallow breathing are u北京夜网p.


  He said to himself so long, he does not know.
  Until came back wearing a cough, Wang rut only hold her, eyes flashed a hint of joy, cried and whispered her name, and repeatedly, “Luoxue.Snow.”
  Luo Xueqing wake up some, realized his on his back, and she whispered and laughed.
  Frog king asked her, “What are you laughing?”
  Luo Xue said, “you stupid laugh.”
  Wang Min Chun sip a rut, “you will Xiaoba.”
  With a smile, I do not sleep.
  Luo Xue asked, his voice has a little blurred,
  ”What are you doing so good to me?”
  ”I lied to you for so many years, you makin, refused to marry you.”
  ”Also took you through fire and water, and if Prince wins, you have to be implicated me, his life should be lost, a big old, married less than a wife.”
  Her voice was scattered snow blowing in the wind inside, vague, and very lightly.
  ”I mean and vicious and hurt a lot of people, you do not have to be what I almost killed in border?I also use Hello you, if you do not have military power, I do not pay attention you how.”
  Wang rut walked in silence until the time Luoxue about to fall asleep, he whispered,
  ”I can not let you.”
  Luoxue long before softly,
  ”Snow gets bigger, you go behind my back, I can not get out, wait until the snow closing seal is over, 南宁桑拿let’s not even think about two people a run.”
  ”You find a cave put me there, I would not fire raw cold, you go out looking for people, until people come to me to find.”
  Wang rut behind her back foot deep shallow walked toward not far, leaving a string of footprints in the snow above, soon to be snow cover up.
  ”You are so many words.”
  Luoxue hold of his neck.
  She can not see where, bloody submerge across his abdomen, a piece of stained wet clothes, and instantly cemented the bloody snow and ice in the ice among the scum.
  His teeth, her body entrusted to the care.
  Snow above, with bloody footprints were buried snow, more snow big up.
  He thought her words, it is ridiculous.
  But snow, then what regarded it?
  Three years later he first met her, will understand.
  To every man, as Luanchen

 ”I seem a little bit like you.”


  Gu sleep but not much surprised to eat at the restaurant so obvious that he’s a performance, she could not not notice, but did not think h北京SPA会所e would say it out.
  She also frankly said he has a favorite person.
  Bell hanging to no surprise, is clearly expected.
  ”Gushao Tang?”
  Gu sleep nod.
  ”You’re only eighteen years old this year.”I must’ve been hanging bell:” people are fickle, very long life.”
  Gu sleep just laugh.
  She felt that she was afraid not wait for a change of heart when.
  Gu Mian also received a lot of party invitation.
  She refused to busy school.
  She really busy school.
  Although she did not know when it will leave.
  But she Whatever you do, want to do in the end.
  Like a dream to fulfill their.
  She was like a real high school students are busy with schoolwork every day.
  Gushao Tang also still would have taken the time to give her private tuition.
  By the end of the final exam.
  Gu sleep in the end some foundation, people are smart, coupled with painstaking effort, actually got two unprecedented high score.
  School ranked within the top twenty.
  Gu Zh苏州夜网论坛enhua gave a surprise to the delight of want to go out big feast.
  Gushao Tang was touched her head, her pouring a bucket of cold water: “Effort, I always test first.”
  Gu sleep “.”
  Gu sleep after the winter break, Gushao Tang Gu openly to sleep to the company, sitting in his office doing winter operations, he had an empty way to help her tuition.
  At first, I thought it was Gushao Tang’s sister.
  Some just graduated from Wang Jian Shui to be the little brother: “Brother, your sister is so cute, have a boyfriend ah?”
  Gushao Tang lifted eyelids, cool stare at him: “Oh,.That’s my girlfriend.”
  Little Young:.I felt murderous.
  So bring the total care of the girls

study reading.”


  Qi Yue also relieved that he is not busy spot checks will be able to forget her homework.
  Unfortunately, not get too excited, Dr Wong askance at her and said: “Your homework to add pediatric, you’re going to school with me, before the task under the cloth you can not pull down.”
  Qi Yue Wen stumbled, quickly against the wall, crying: “Master, in order to complete schoolwork and your task planted, now I can sleep sixty-seven hours, you still have to increase my homework?”
  Dr Wong hum laughed: “Do not sell poor, you are learning much later work to ease.Besides, the time the water is cotton, the南宁夜网re will be a squeeze squeeze.”
  Qi Yue supporting the wall could not be stable stature, she is to be a death sentence for her this master.
  Sadly came to the school, happened to catch the first lesson is anatomy class, she went on end, leaning on the wall out an hour later, at noon did not eat something.
  Wait until the evening, she got it together, back to the three-hospital and found the yard more than one person杭州桑拿, and that person is squat in front of strollers, with nine serial solution with Yaya.
  Yaya five months, however, where it would be playing with this stuff, but with her chubby hands free to fiddle, to that tinkling voice heard giggling while, the man has to labor re-nine serial solution, but the man is very good-natured, time and time again to give the Ya-Ya hand to let her fiddle.
  Teachers’ Song: Qi Yue went over, directed at the back of some people hesitate to call out?”
  The man got up and turned round, it is the original Song Jin, he rushed Qi Yue nodded: “You come back from school?”
  His questioning casual and natural, Qi Yue subconsciously nodded: “back.”
  After this some dialogue, Qi Yue realize that right, and quickly changed the subject: “how do you come?”
  ”I work on the little things come and see Yaya.”Song Jin ori杭州夜网论坛ginal face with a warm smile, looked at her and asked,” you would not welcome it?”
  Qi Yue would like to say welcome, but he was older, she can not say these words, only replied: “No.The only time that you go home for dinne

at time also new work coat , children grow fast, next year certainly would not wear, and do more is a waste, Sumi while not limiting the material on the two children, but also eliminate waste does not make sense.


  ”I have no comment, anyway, it was still early, go back and I have no thing to do, and today I did listen to his son, he said, is how to how to line line!”Zhang Yuyu Tan Tanshou said it does not matter.
  ”Mother, then we will go.”Chengzhi smile all day did not go down too, and even now have talked with a normally never had a baby.
  In fact, Sumi like to see Chengzhi like this, but the year-old child, there is no need to give yourself too much pressure, usually Chengzhi always book their hand, Sumi really afraid to give him as a nerd.
  ”Ok.”Sumi nodded and pulled Chengzhi深圳桑拿网 little hands to buy food and meat.
  Tomorrow’s menu Sumi basically have been out a good heart, so buy vegetables and meat from time to speed quickly, pick from a good quarter of an hour to check out even have time to spend on out.
  Coincidentally opposite this dish is a snack shop shop, this way, Sumi, who do not have to go somewhere else more than himself or herself.
  This is the first time to shop Sumi, but evidently but more than that a complete variety of her weekdays always go.
  ”Like peach cake, osmanthus cake, chestnut cake, cake as well as the gardenia fragrant lilies give me a pound cake, as well as the sugar pine maltose give me half a catty peanut soup, and beef jerky this also gave me a couple of pounds , dried longan dried lily, like half a catty, a pound of sugar brown sugar, red dates, give me five pounds, a pound of广州桑拿网 tea face of the boss, your home you can have almonds?”Sumi breath for a lot of things, but yet still not be enough, suddenly remembered that he is most like to eat nuts before a man, but looked around but we could not find in the store.
  Could there not?
  ”Oh, really I asked the lady, the almond ah, really there, but the rest is not much, the whole town Chu, Mrs. you out of our home store is totally laid hold of other people home.”Sumi, then a treasurer of a

n the flowers start to solidify at the time of the egg, the good transfer into sauces under.


  Finally put vinegar, diced green onion and sesame oil.
  The marinated vinegar and spices are those we must remember that open-minded, or else vinegar taste will bring those spices taste completely suppressed, so separate place, level on not only taste better, a class of those soy sauce Esen entered taste a soup, vinegar naturally not dominate the.
  ”Into slightly!”Sumi whispered talking about something, he put the broth out, sprinkle with a han广州桑拿dful of parsley.
  This is the smell of hot and sour taste, Sumi determined, Zhang Yuyu will be able to eat the cake five!
  Sumi into the house curtain has taken up a wrapped pastry lid into the pot.

  ☆, six hundred and fifty first chapter: pastry accompanied by hot and sour soup

  Cake flour and bean paste are warming up, but that is in the pot after a firewood entrance will also be able to do the.
  ”Jade Yujie!mother!Chengzh苏州桑拿i blossoming!Oh, you can eat!”Sumi end the pastry out on the table, loudly shouted toward the house.
  ”I’m coming!”Such cases are usually the first blossoming promise first came out, but today is the first say a word of Zhang Yuyu.
  ”Sis, Oh, this is the new sister hit a soup?”Zhang Yuyu come in to see placed on the table hot and sour soup, laughing.
  ”This is what soup?I have not eaten it!This is a taste of what?Accompanied by delicious cake does not taste good?”Zhang Yuyu around Sumi hot and sour soup made out of a new cruise a few laps, asked with a smile.
  ”It is very tasty!You try to know, hot and sour taste, but put little vinegar, you sure like.”Sumi first Sheng is over soup and handed Zhang did not take the lead, but gave it to Zhang Yuyu:” This cake look so good, put the stuffing inside is also much, try it.”
  ”Hey苏州夜网!”Zhang Yuyu nodded and sat down, first bite the cake a big mouth, is hot slightest grin haha but still looks like.
  ”delicious!This whole bean paste can be made really small children, or else it is a man Zhashui?If we then zezheng that are not so fine the whole!correct!Mother, you eat!You do

, so she saw Gushao Tang when it comes to leave his shiny eyes Lianchuang come to understand what the original Gushao Tang really want is.


  The “Gu sleep” until the death, there is no thought to what Gushao Tang.
  Gushao Tang did not return until late.
  His spirit is very excited, his face without a little tired, and only exceptionally bright shiny Heimou.
  He Gu sleep to bed, tucked her: “I’ll be busy recently, will come back late every day, you do not wait for me, go to bed early.”
  Gu Mian said: “It is not a day I do not see you?”
 北京夜网 Gushao Tang suddenly leaned down and kissed her forehead and whispered: “Japan, longer.”
  Gu sleep are wondering profound meaning of this sentence, Gushao Tang suddenly asked: “Do you have anything to say to me?”
  Gu sleep slightly hesitated and looked up to see him.
  Gushao Tang deep dark eyes staring at her, with something of an unknown sentiment see the road.
  Gu Mian said: “Good night.”
  Gushao Tang eyes of disappointment flashed: “Good night.”
  Gushao Tang really getting busy.
  But as always, he Gu sleep every night asleep on the couch in his room and so on, woke up this morning went to his bed.
  Like some kind of mystical ceremony.
  Gu sleep do not feel bored, she has a lot to do every day, but also to the Arab-Israeli beginning of more frequent.
  Gu sleepless looked at his microblogging account, is indeed a r深圳桑拿ed net, there are hundreds of thousands of fans, microblogging are all so I do not know the contents of some romantic, matched with a boring picture, but each microblogging below there are hundreds of comments.
  They also exchanged WeChat micro letter A at the beginning of very frequent day to send dozens.
  Gu sleep and always think of it came back to one, there is a tie not a tie hanging him.
  His enthusiasm has n