[Can durian and milk be eaten together]_Same food_Influence

[Can durian and milk be eaten together]_Same food_Influence

When talking about durian, many people will immediately think that durian has a particularly strong odor. People who like to eat durian will feel a special kind of durian smell, but people who do n’t like durian ca n’t accept this.Taste, durian people are in two extreme attitudes. Although durian is a fruit that can be eaten directly, durian can also be combined with some ingredients to make a gourmet.

Can durian be eaten with milk?
Milk and durian are a common match in cold drinks, like durian shakes, durian and milk are also added to some cocktails, and many people eat them often, without any problems.

Durian and milk can be eaten together without poisoning.

Milk and durian itself do not contain caffeine. With durian, it is impossible to produce caffeine. Although durian has a higher sugar content than other fruits, as long as the amount is appropriate, blood pressure will not soar, so that durian plus milk will cause coffeePoisoning is nonsense.

How to select durian 1. Listen to the sound: You can tap the shell with a knife handle, bamboo chopsticks, etc. If the sound is loose and unreliable, it means that the pulp and husk have been separated, and the durian is mature enough. If the sound is dense, it means that it is not yet mature.

2. Heavy odor: Durian has the strongest smell at the end. When you buy it, you can smell the tail. The stronger the smell, the more mature it is. The immature durian has a grassy smell, while the cracked durian has a fermented flavor.The flesh is watery and tastes bad.

3. Thorns are even: The protruding spine fibers of durian are better distributed on the fruit. If it is too tight, the flesh will taste slightly astringent and sweet.

4, even fruit stalks: Select the fruit that is connected to the fruit stalk. If the fruit stalk is broken or detached, it means that it has been stored for too long and the freshness is not good.

5, thick fruit petals: Durian can be divided into 5?
6 fruit petals. The fruit petals should be plump and plump when selected, and the size of each petal is evenly better. Do not choose those who have sunken fruit petals.

How to eat durian!

Method 1: Durian stewed chicken Ingredients: Durian, 1 chicken (about 600 grams) Ingredients: 10 grams of ginger slices, 50 grams of walnuts, 50 grams of red dates, about 1500 grams of water, salt method: Wash and peel the chicken, Put in boiling water, soak for about 5 minutes, chopped into large pieces; soak the walnuts with water to remove the oily taste; wash and remove the red dates; durian peeled, the durian shell takes the inner white sac part and cut into pieces.

You can remove the flesh, you can take the juice and cut the skin into small pieces, because the taste is heavier, it is better to put less.

Put chicken, ginger slices, walnuts, dates, durian skin and durian meat in the same pot, add boiling water, add ginger slices, and boil over high heat, boil over low heat and simmer for 2 hours.

Goji berries are added in the last ten minutes.

After the soup is ready, add salt to taste.

Season of durian fragrance, if you want to make it thicker, you can rot the durian in the soup and eat it with the soup. Such a strong durian flavor will be emitted.

Method two, durian stewed pork heart Ingredients: pork heart Ingredients: durian, red dates, wolfberry seasoning: Shaoxing rice wine, rock sugar, salt, pepper Method: durian cut into pieces.

The pig heart is clean and cut into thick slices.

Put durian with pig heart in a container, add red dates, goji berries and all spices.

Put the seasoned durian pig heart in the pot and steam it on high heat for 10 minutes.