“East ten miles,Converged with this seat!As for Chu Chuzi……This seat owes you a person!Future……”Ren Yingying ‘s ordered a strict orchestra。

In fact, the relationship between the two,More like a good sister,Just have a Chu Deiren,So I just see some,After all, if the identity of Yingying is exposed,Walking in the rivers and lakes,More than dangerous。
Chu Deirers are not right,More hunger“Human feelings”,And this person loves the deer people have no other ideas.——Use a secret to kill me with a secret!
“No need in the future!”Chu Deiren quickly broke。
Ren Yingying:???
Thinking of Chu Deirers“sharper”,Ren Yingying is a blurry,If the Chu Deirers are“Future”Go on,Then she now let Chu Deirers know,What is called“Magic”。
certainly,The Chu Deiren is all at all.,Tangible:“Martialism in the next moon,only……I don’t want to get into the door.,What is the way to have a holy??”
Chu Deiren published“I don’t want to sleep with you.,But I want to spend your money.”Generally speaking words……
Chapter 53 Natural power
“East ten miles,Want martial arts secret,You can come together。”The Holy Aunt has finished the signal directly.。
“Ah really……Shengnun leadership day moon god outside the door,Tens of thousands of people in the rivers and lakes,This rivers and lakes are afraid that there are very few things that she can’t do.,You actually have a secret martial arts?This is the sun and moon god,Not Wudang Forest。”Qufian smoke complains that the Chu Deirers will not be accountted。
The reason why emphasizes the back,It is also a non-smoke in a suggestion.——He may not wish!
What is the best martial arts??no!
Plastic star Dafa?That is what I am。
Sunflower?That is unbeaten。
These can’t be considered martial arts……
As Qu Nei smoke,Sun Moon God is not Shaolin、Wudang,Former“Gang”,The next two is“Martial art”。
The martial art has its own inheritance,Be“Masters”Relationship is the core hub,Combined group together,Also attaches great importance to martial arts inheritance。
The gang is pure interests、Or other common goal,Combined group together,Wushu inheritance is not necessary for them.!
Just like the Sun and Moon God,Most high-level are all kinds of art……As for martial arts?
For the big gang,Naturally there is natural。
For example, if the East is unbeaten, it is because it is high enough.,Be a reward《Sunflower》,In addition to rewards,Because the body of the sun and the moon is large enough,Will absorb some of the rivers and lakes,Therefore, what is the tutoring?“Tiansheng knife”、“Sun Moon”Kung Fu,Will pass to the underlying pregoric。
In fact, although it is strong than the big road,Even the inheritance of some small gates,But it is absolutely not worthy of the real famous。
Similar image is Mingjiao,for real“Inheritance”,Only the master is also exclusive“Moving a big move”,As for learning such as Yang Xia、Wei Laughter、Wu Gong,That need you to go to the teacher、consult,And Mingjiao does not matter。
The gang only has a dog stick method、Dragon 18 palm two martial arts,One is the help of the host,Two came to dismantle the broken and taught it to others。
Although the gang has“Elder”,But it is just that the underlying gang is a lot of coarse skills.,Such as lotus fist、Iron legs。Really eight nine bags of long rudder,Basically, it is with your own martial arts.……Want to learn?I have to go to the teacher.!
As for the like of Changle,That’s worse.……
“In case you can learn《Plastic star Dafa》、《Sunflower》Woolen cloth?A person!The most important thing is to have a dream!What is your aspiration?”Chu Deirers are very unfold。
Qu non-smoke wrinkled,It seems really thinking about it,Afterwards:“Millennium,Unified rivers and lakes?”
Chu Deman:……