Doctor Qiu knows,Let the nurse leave with him。

Maybe the fat guy has something to say to Fang Yu!
“What do you say……Can speak now!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
Sit down!
Fatty has many friends,There are a lot of fruits and flowers。
“I just want to thank you……In the drawer over there,There is a brocade box。I think it suits you well……”
The fat man smiled。
“Brocade box?”
Fang Yu doubts。
Took it out,opened。
“this is……”
Fang Yu did not expect,This is actually a spiritual stone。
but,In the eyes of the fat man is a rough stone!
“I sell jade at home……I’m afraid you don’t want it too expensive。This is a small rough stone,Little meaning,Disrespect!”
The fat man smiled。
“I’ll accept it……But don’t give gifts next time!Although I am not a hospital establishment……But it can’t!”Fang Yu reminded。
“To understanding!Doctor Fang, do you have a girlfriend?You come to me to buy jade,I give you a 50% discount!Guaranteed to be good!”