“Hey!Boss Wang really forgets things,We played cards together many times,Sister Wang was there once,I lost thousands of dollars to you,You don’t remember this?”This man said,Glanced behind。Wang Youcai doesn’t know what he is looking at,But one is a card friend,He opened the car door and jumped down。

He never expected,He just got out of the car,Feet have not yet landed,The man standing at the door suddenly grabbed his collar,Forcibly dragged him down the door。
I didn’t wait for Wang Youcai to react,This man raised his fist,Punched him on the forehead,Unprepared Wang Youcai slammed his head on the front of the car,He just felt dizzy for a while。
At this moment,Lap,Belly,He just feels his fists fly,At least two or three people are beating him。He subconsciously hugged his head,For fear of breaking his brain。
Such an attack lasted at least several minutes,When he fell into the car,This group of talents disappeared。Passing pedestrians pointing,But no one came up to help him。
Wang Youcai struggled to sit up straight,Took out the phone from his pocket,Fortunately, this phone was not broken,He squinted,Good fight110,But then think about it,Forget it。Because this is the door of Ma Hongfang’s house,He was attacked,Maybe this has something to do with Ma Hongfang’s husband Liu Baocheng。
If so,This case can’t be reported。When he thought of this,Busy calling Wu Wu,Then struggling to climb into the car,I can’t get up when I fall to the seat。
This bunch of bastards are really heavy,Except for the head,He didn’t even let go of his face,He felt his eyes were swollen。Wu Wu is really awesome,A few minutes,Drove a van and rushed over。
More than ten people were pulled in the car,And all of them have belongings。Boss beaten,If this goes out,Why are they mixing in Pingdu。
“Wang Ge!Who did it?People?”Wu Wu helped Wang Youcai up,Asked angrily。
How many Wang shook his head and said:“Did not see clearly,do not know either,Hurry me to the hospital”
Their old Wang family is really a god,After a while,Someone comes here for a few days。Wang Youcai was pushed into the emergency room,After some inspection,Fortunately, there are some skin injuries,But the injury is serious,Need hospitalization。
that’s it,Wang Youcai moved in again。After some treatment by the doctor,Wang Youcai felt a little better now,He said to Wu Wu:“The guy who beat me speaks fluent Mandarin,So I’m sure he’s not one of us,I’m afraid I’ve already run away now”
“Brother Wang meant that they were paid for by someone?”Wu Wu asked softly。