Wright faces stronger enemies,The same will and strength soar to the extreme,The spear is heavy and steady,I want to survive these hours, breathe。

Two fierce fighting,Ernst offense,Wright defense,Fight from the sky to the earth。The powerful force tore a hole in the white river,Even moved with the position where the two were fighting,A brand new branch flows out on the earth。
The third minute of the fight,Cracked ground,Space shock,Pope Ernst’s crazy attack,Wright has adapted to Ernst’s attack now,Stop on foot,Moves to hook this Baihe,Spear spread like a river,As light as rain,Vast as the sea,Resolve Ernst’s attacks one by one。
【The Profound Meaning of Water·Sea-style】
Fifth minute,Ernst’s eyes ooze blood,While attacking wildly with divine power,Overdraw one’s mental power,The lock of countless days appeared out of thin air,Lock Wright firmly。Wright Gravity Field Suppression,Makes it difficult for Ernst to make a full shot。Combination of body skills and restraint moves,Makes Wright’s resistance methods more tenacious。
Tenth minute,With the intense battle between the two,A crack appeared in the spear in Wright’s palm,After all, it’s just a weapon made by the master mixer with ordinary materials,Slightly mixed with some black jadeite,Not long enough to sustain the battle above the limits of this sanctuary。
Whether it is Wright or the royal camp, the sanctuary powerhouse who is watching this battle,Everyone who observes this scene changes their faces,Especially Cecilia couldn’t help but rush up,But I was held back by fur balls and lightning,After all, this kind of battle is definitely not the pinnacle of the general sanctuary.,They can only pray for Wright to survive。Only Koland was pale,There was a trace of blood red between the hair tips。
Ernst was overjoyed,Attack style changed,Become barbaric,Head-to-head collision with Wright’s spear。
Wright’s spear finally couldn’t hold it,It broke apart with a violent crash。Wright’s complexion doesn’t change,The marksmanship is transformed into boxing without any flaws。The fist was extremely brave and matched Ernst’s fist。
“puff~”Wright vomits blood,Fly upside down again。
Although he could block Ernst with a spear before,And Wright’s boxing skills are no less than marksmanship,But after all, the spear is a long weapon,And tough enough,The role of charging and unloading in battle is very large。Just fight with two fists,Wright was hit hard in an instant。
Just when Cecilia doesn’t care,Bow and arrow in hand,Lightning and furball at the same time、Xiao Hei couldn’t help but when he did it,A cyan spear shot out before them。
Ordinary Sanctuary cannot intervene in the battle between Pope Ernst and Wright of Light,But Koland is only one step away from the sanctuary limit after all,Another artifact in hand,A blow to instantly squeeze one’s own potential with the Secret Technique of Fighting Qi—But it can stop Ernst for a moment。
“roll!”Ernst looked terrifying,Although he easily flew this artifact,But was also blocked。
Just such a moment,Wright is in harmony with the world,Appears hundreds of meters away like a teleport。
“Can’t go on like this!”Wright’s face changes,A spear appeared again in his hand。But the material of this long gun is not even as good as the previous one。
“Now Ernst is almost crazy,As long as I show a flaw, he will catch it,Koland’s sneak attack method can’t be used a few times,It seems I can only use that trick!”Wright murmured,There is a bit of unwillingness in the tone,And a three-point expectation。
When Ernst killed himself,That majestic supernatural power poured out。