To be chairman and chief executive officer of such a company,Very, very test of management ability and level,It will test the trust and support of shareholders in themselves。

Fortunately,Chen Geng’s support for himself made Jack·Welch was extremely satisfied,Except for welcoming myself on the day I took office,In the next month or so,He never showed up at the company——Mr. Fernandez did not show up at the company,In fact, it’s my greatest support。
Even at General Electric,I have never received such a big support。
Just smile,Chen Geng to Jack·Welch asked:“How are those Dongying people doing?”
“I was about to tell you this,boss,I think the grassroots management positions of our company,We should bring in more management staff from Dongying。”
“Oh?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows。
Suggestions for introducing Japanese employees and Japanese basic-level management employees,It’s Jack·The two had communicated before Welch took office,But those Dongying people actually won Jack so quickly·Welch’s endorsement?This is a bit beyond Chen Geng’s expectation。
It’s about recruiting employees at Dongying,Smoothly outrageous,I heard that one of the four big car giants of American DadAMCCars come to Dongying to recruit employees、A considerable part of them are management positions、After the work reaches a certain period of time, the company will assist the employee to get the green card,The enthusiasm and eagerness of those Dongying people frightened Chen Geng。
But think about the national character of the little devil again,This is very easy to understand:Can get the green card of American dad、Take dollars,This is the section chief of my original company、The treatment that ministers don’t have,I am an American ever since,Face this opportunity,How can the little devils not rush?
“The seriousness and responsibility of those Dongying people in their posts surprised me,”Speaking of the Japanese employees of the company,Jack·Welch’s generous words of praise:“I have never seen such a serious and responsible、Loving and dedicated employees,Oh, God,I know why Dongying’s automobile industry is underdeveloped,But why the quality of their products is so good,If there is a possibility,I hope to replace all our workers with Japanese employees!”
“That is impossible,”Chen Geng smiled and shook his head:“You dare to do that,Don’t talk about the lords of Congress,The Detroit government can be impatient。”
Jack·Welch naturally understands this,That’s what I said,I had to sigh,Then the topic changed:“Mr,Would you like to go down and have a look?”
This also means to show off and let the boss check it in person,after all,Until seeing。
Chen Geng is also welcome,He also wants to see how it compares with the original,PresentAMCWhat’s the situation in your production workshop?。