[Husband’s performance of coldness]_ coldness _ men _ characteristics _ physical signs

[Husband’s performance of coldness]_ coldness _ men _ characteristics _ physical signs

Having a healthy and harmonious sex life for husband and wife, in fact, the management of marriage life can also bring good help, because sex is absolutely undeniable for couples, but some people will find that their partner has sexual apathy, naturally this willIt has a direct impact on a healthy sex life. Here is an introduction for everyone. Will my husband have some kind of performance if he has a cold sex?

And the solution.

1. Sexual organ disease: Excessive secretion of sex hormones by the sexual organs causes people to have sexual desire, and male hormone secretion decreases after sexual desire of sexual organs, and sexual desire decreases. Common diseases of the sexual organs include retinal vasculitis and epididymitis.

Early treatment should be performed after discovery to prevent obstacles.

2. Neuropsychiatric disorders: Sexual desire is dominated by the nervous system. If there is a disease in the nervous system, it will lose its interest in sexual life and cause sexual apathy. Some common diseases include neurasthenia, melancholic psychosis, and abnormal personality.

The man is sexually indifferent, and the wife is initially found. Therefore, when the wife notices that the husband’s sexual function has changed, he should promptly persuade him to go to the hospital for further examination. If it is found to be caused by other diseases, he should be treated early, which is beneficial to both parties.The sexual life is harmonious, and it is also very helpful for implantation of other systemic diseases.

No matter who it is, the emergence of new sexual apathy will have an impact on the harmony of sexual life, so when couples face such problems, they must be aware that when one partner has sexual apathy, the other should also cooperate with treatment.Only in this way can you enjoy the most harmonious sex and avoid these wastes.