Luoyang belongs to our Longmen Grottoes

Luoyang belongs to our Longmen Grottoes

When I traveled to Beijing last year, I was deeply impressed by the disappointment of tourists. The memory is still fresh. I still have a story about how to avoid the crowd in Beijing. But since I arrived in Shanghai this summer, I have traveled to the Quartet. The surge of Chinese people has always made me big.Open your eyes.

When I got off the train in Hangzhou, I couldn’t move it at the train station. I rubbed my shoulders for about half an hour before I got out of the station. At Huangshan, I got a queue at the gate of Da Da at 4:30 in the morning, and the ropeway opened. Everyone rushed to win.It’s not uncommon for the head to break into the bloodstream. It’s not unusual to be trampled to death. If it’s not early in the morning, at least two hours, it’s no wonder that foreigners are climbing up the mountain, and they have to courage with the Chinese to have a lifelessness; SuzhouGarden, unless the door is opened or lunch time, the tour groups arrive, the million heads are swaying, the countless loudspeakers are explained by high decibels, and all the leisure scenery is swept away.

If you win a place of fame, you must not enjoy it. The more people you get, the more people you have.

If you hang the title of “World Heritage”, you will be worth a hundred times more.

  On Saturday, in Zhengzhou’s train to Luoyang, I heard a female doctor from Luoyang chatting with friends: “I have never been to the Longmen Grottoes. That person, it’s too much to fall into the river, and I can’t go back.Can only be pushed forward.

“Unpredicted, a layer of ominous shadows enveloped our Luoyang line, although I did not hope that the ears could be quiet and alone, but still hold the “off season” luck.

Due to the serious delay of the train, it was already 11 o’clock in the morning to Luoyang. The itinerary was delayed. I was hesitant to still visit Longmen on the same day. The youth hostel counter poured us a cold water: “Yes, the morning light is good, but the weather is cloudy recently.”The same goes in the afternoon.

“We are full of anticipation of the cave pilgrimage and once again suffered a blow. When I waited for the car, I also heard about the dust storm in Luoyang. The dust storm in November?

If true, all northern China will be desertified within ten years.

I just hope to hear everything.

The online weather forecast clearly painted a hot sun for the weather in Luoyang on the two days, but the clouds were dense and I decided to believe the weather forecast.

  The next day, the sky was not bright, and the geographical temperature was close to zero. We braved the biting cold wind and set off the first 81-way car to Longmen.

At the end of the Longmen Grottoes Station, only the two of us got off.

This is the coldest time of the day, and the cold spots of the sights make the weather colder, the sky is dark, the morning fog is misty, except for the morning exercisers and scavengers who are not afraid of the wind, the entire Longmen town is empty, gray and ancientShops, shop doors are closed, like a ghost town, but I am two people marching toward the grottoes.

From the point of getting off to the ticket gate is a long, but beautiful, road.

The waters of the Yishui are soaking, the weeping willows on both sides, and the rows of golden trees grow on the green grassland, breathing deeply and smelling the deep autumn.

“Oh.” Hearing, it was the whistle of the train. A train crossed the Yi River and disappeared in the distance. After that, it was an endless silence.

  We stepped up and felt uneasy in our hearts, lest the door was full of tour buses, and Huangshan’s unfortunate dream was about to reappear.

I was relieved, and the ticketing outlets were only two or three people. We were second only to those who were not the first to enter the door.

Into the grottoes, quirks, other people disappeared out of thin air, only the two of me left in the millennium monuments, one into the torrent of history, we are in the Northern Wei, or the Tang Dynasty?

The mournful headless Buddhas are hard to bring me back to reality. In what mood do people have the first amputation of thousands of Buddhist monks, hatred, madness, or greed?

It is rare to leave a few statues of the whole body, solemn and solemn, smiling and speechless to me.

In their eyes they are forgiving and compassionate.

  The staff of the scenic spot were late in wearing a gray-blue uniform.

The hidden speakers are turned on, and the melodious Chinese ancient music is accompanied by the explanation of the Longmen historical allusions. No matter where you are, you can hear clearly.

If all the Chinese attractions are doing this, the guides should have no food.

In the distance, the solemn bells came from the Xiangshan Temple on the other side of Yishui. The morning bells and the dawns appeared from behind the mountains. The carved statues in front of them seemed to wake up from the millennium, and the complexion was radiant and radiant.

Yishui is sparkling, red and bright is shining with golden can, beautiful scenery, no one around, wanting to yell at the air, I think of a recent Jiang Wen’s movie “The sun rises as usual”, yesIt is “Aliasha, don’t be afraid!”

“I have such an crazy impulse.

At this point, Kraft called me from a height, “Look!

“I almost climbed the steep steps, the top of the long stone steps, Kraft’s excited trembling figure.”

Climbing, crawling, first of all, there is a pair of kindly looking down on me. Under his gaze, I feel humble and small. Then, it is a huge body. A big Buddha, which is still not described by greatness, slowly appears, as if descending from the sky.Its extraordinary momentum is shocking, I am stunned and dizzy.

There are few wonders in the world that can bring me such shock. The Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, the Great Wall, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa all have this magic. No matter how many pictures I have seen, I realize that I know it well and wait until I am there.In the face of it still stunned.

Now, it is the Lushen Buddha of Longmen. He is bigger than I imagined. His smile is more charming than I imagined. Calling him “the Mona Lisa of the East” has tarnished him. These are at different levels.

Legend has it that the Buddha is the incarnation of Wu Zetian, and the craftsman is determined to be dedicated, and is deeply afraid of reducing the majesty of the Queen by half.

When you see the big Buddha, see the emperor, you don’t consciously kneel down, look up, bow your head.

I held my breath in front of the Buddha for a while, only to notice that Ananda, Kaye, Bodhisattva and Lux, the kings and the two statues on the left were ruthlessly destroyed, and the head was missing.Missing limbs and broken arms, seeing this situation, the chest is finally difficult to cover, can not help but red eyes.

Looking back at the Buddha, I smiled and smiled. It seemed like laughing at me. “The Bodhi has no trees, the mirror is not Taiwan, there is nothing, and the place is so dusty.” Everything is like a mirror, why can’t it be broken?The rising sun is so high that it is like a Buddha’s light.

I stayed with Kraft for a long time, and I refused to leave, but I was close to the tour group. It was a great gift to realize that I could be alone with the Buddha.

  After bidding farewell to the Buddha, there is nothing to look at in the front, but no one is disturbing, and free and easy to visit is the supreme happiness.

Crossing the bridge, see the Chaoyang and the hustle and bustle, but the smoke on the trees and the dead leaves, it is the scene of winter dying.

When I look back at the Big Buddha, the crowds are emerging, and my heart is grateful and regretful. They can’t understand the big Buddha’s touch.