[Effects and effects of total saponin]_think_benefit

[Effects and effects of total saponin]_think_benefit

In real life, the population is aging, and more and more elderly people suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have become the highest mortality rate in the country, surpassing cancer.

For modern medicine, a lot of drug elements have appeared to treat this. Improving the body’s immunity will reduce the chances of people becoming sick. Total saponin is a certain element. What is the effect of total saponin and what is it for the body?effect?

Efficacy and role of total saponin1. Total saponin can relieve phlegm, cough, and expectorant cough is one of the important functions of total saponin, especially those contained in traditional Chinese medicinal materials. This kind of effect is the most obvious.The presence of total saponins is particularly high, and their antitussive and phlegm-reducing effects are particularly excellent.

2. Total saponin can relieve fever and soothe the nerves. Total saponin is also a natural substance that can directly affect the human nervous system. It can relieve fever and soothe the nerves. It has a certain relief effect on your fever and a variety of fevers.In addition, it also has a clear conditioning effect on adverse symptoms such as nervous breakdown and anxiety in humans.

3. Total saponins can improve human immunity. After entering into the body, total saponins can promote the synthesis of DHA and protein in the human body, can promote the regeneration of immune cells, and can also increase the activity of immune cells. It can significantly improve the immunity of the human body.This effect is the best.

4. Total saponin can regulate the adrenocortical hormone secretion. There is also some total saponin in the traditional Chinese medicine licorice root. It can promote the adrenocortical hormone secretion of the human body after entering the human body, and it can be an important method for relieving cough. In addition, this total saponin can promote the healing of ulcers.It can also relieve pain, and it also has a certain therapeutic effect on human gastric ulcers.

How to eat ginseng fruit total saponins How to eat ginseng fruit total saponins is not a good medicine in Chinese medicine.

Ginseng fruit total saponin is also possible to eat with other foods. Mother Encyclopedia This will introduce you how to eat ginseng fruit total saponin.

1. Ginseng fruit saponin chicken soup ingredients: ginseng fruit saponin chicken, peanuts, ginger slices, wolfberry, red dates, salt Practice: (1) Wash the chicken and cut into pieces.

(2) Soak the peanuts in water for about an hour, and prepare red dates and ginseng fruit total saponins.

Ginger slices.

(3) Wash ginseng fruit total saponins and red dates.

The chicken is simmered in water and defoamed.

(4) Put the prepared ingredients in a saucepan, pour in an appropriate amount of water, and simmer.

(5) Add the wolfberry to the pot after soaking it in water, add the appropriate amount of salt and peanuts, and cook for about two hours.

(6) Bring all the ingredients to cook.

2. Ingredients of ginseng fruit total saponin lean broth: ginseng fruit total saponin, pork, salt Method: (1) Wash the ginseng fruit total saponin, and then cut the pork into minced meat.

(2) Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot and set the heat to high.

(3) After the water in the pot is boiled, add the total ginseng fruit saponins. After a while, pour the minced pork into the pot. Turn the heat to low heat and simmer slowly. Add an appropriate amount of salt.

(4) Turn off the heat after the pot is cooked.