Beijing special supervision and inspection prevention and control thermometer covers production and sales and use links

Original title: Beijing special supervision and inspection prevention and control thermometer This newspaper (Reporter Wang Wei) body temperature test is an important part of epidemic prevention and control, the accuracy of the thermometer is especially critical. Recently, Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the market supervision department to strengthen the management of epidemic prevention and control of thermometer management, many urban areas have launched special supervision and inspection of the thermometer, inspect the production, sales and use of production.

For the lost thermometer, market supervision law enforcement officers require the use unit to be replaced immediately.

  It is understood that the Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau has carried out comprehensive investigations and quality special inspections of the 10-day temperature measurement instrument.

In the inspection of the use of the link, law enforcement personnel examinate the shopping mall, supermarket and other places to check with the thermometer.

"Whether the thermometer is taken by a special person? Do you have a calibration self-examination every day?" In the Yuecheng, Chaoyang, inquiry, the shopping center staff said that all the thermostats have a special person, and they will collect all the goods every day. The thermometer replaces the battery and measures the temperature comparison with the mercury thermometer, and it will be used next day after passing. "The sales thermometer, the law enforcement personnel focus on whether there is a quality inspection certificate and implement the product standard number; the use of the thermometer, our focus on the implementation of the" Guidelines for the Epidemic Prevention and Control ", collecting temperature measurement products Information, the temperature measuring instrument is not allowed to detect the temperature measurement of the battery power, the maintenance is not in place, and the operation is not active. Requires the use of unit to disable the irradiation thermometer, strengthen the management and maintenance of the thermometer, regularly Calibration self-examination to ensure that the thermometer is used normally.

Wu Yongji, a seniors of the Metropolitan Municipal Supervision Bureau of Chaoyang District, said. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.