Changsha Yuhua District held the "learning power" to learn the competition for "learning people"

"Learning Strong Country" to learn the Talent Competition Answers.

Dong Yuanjun photographed the People’s Network Changsha on June 10 this afternoon, Changsha Yuxi District held 2021 "recognition this reason": The people of the employees are in the hearts of the party – "Learn the Strong Country" to learn people’s knowledge contest, 9 teams Fierce competition, the final Yuhua District Education Bureau team won the first prize.

Dreams begin with learning, the cause will start from practice. Before the start of the competition, Zhang Min, secretary of the Yuhua District Committee of Changsha City, said: "We hold ‘learning strong countries’ learning the knowledge of the knowledge competition is to promote learning, to play firm beliefs, cast absolute loyalty; Enhance the leadership of the company;

"The knowledge contest is actively responded by the mutual workers of the rain flower area. After the first game, the selection of the resequences of the resequences, there were 9 teams such as the Yuhua District Health Bureau, the Guitang Street team and other 9 teams entered the final.

The basic form of this competition is a team of 3 people, and the competition has a must-answer question, answering questions, answers to the answer, and the risks. Each team base is divided into 100 points, and the correct answer is obtained in the specified time. After the start of the game, each group player actively struggled to answer questions. The correct rate of answers was very high, fully embodied the solid theoretical skills of the players, and the host announced the score after each link, and each group scored you. , Bitten is very tight.

The question of the question, the multi-team rush red light is on, and if you want to score, it is necessary to be deep, more eye-catching.

After three rounds of fierce competition, the scores gradually pulled the gap. Entering the fourth round of risk issues, the competition has reached the climax of white heat, and the rankings strive to expand the advantage. The ranking is temporarily relying on the chance to catch the opportunity to catch up, and the competition is in the fierce competition. The Bureau finally won the first prize, Yuhuppi Street, Tongli Street won the second prize; Yuhua District commissioned, Sand Tang Street, District Service Center won the third prize; Li To Street, District Health Bureau wins the winning award Guitang Street is an organization award. Since this year, Yuhua District has always promoted party history education in high political consciousness and serious political attitude. On the basis of doing implementation of "Regulations", focus on "self-selected action", and promote the "three joints" joint learning linkage Mechanism, highlighting the precision guidance, build 5 red positions, launched "100-year-old hundred lecture" to preach the brand, carry out the "Recognizing this" series of activities, and vigorously promote practical practices. The whole district is pickering in the new climax of party history.

(Qian Yuanjun) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Yingbing).