“No big beauties,I am alone“Xia Jian smiled and said。

Xiao Xiao walked to Xia Jian,Smell Xia Jian’s body with his nose and said:“I have such a strong perfume smell on my body,You said you weren’t with the beauty?“
Xia Jian just remembered,Fang Fang was drunk just now,He went downstairs carrying her。Fang Fang seems to never spray perfume in his memory,Does she also use this now?It seems that people will really change。
But Xia Jianma reacted,This is Xiao Xiao deliberately defrauding。Even Fang Fang smelled of perfume,He went to such a complicated place just now,The perfume smell on my body has long gone。
After clarifying the meaning of Xiao Xiao,Xia Jian said with a smile:“Don’t pretend,I haven’t had any contact with women at all,Where does the perfume smell on my body“
Xiao Xiao saw Xia Jian saw through her intentions,She blushed slightly,Whispered:“People just try,See if you are honest“
Xia Jiangang is going to speak,I heard Old Xiao’s voice in the living room:“Stop talking outside the gate,Come in the living room!I have something to ask Xia Jian“
Don’t look at Lao Xiao’s old age,But his ears are still a bit pointed。The door is still a bit away from the living room,Besides, the voice between him and Xiao Xiao is not very loud,He can hear,Really admirable。
Xiao Xiao shook his head helplessly,So we went to the living room with Xia Jian。Old Xiao put on a coat and sat on the sofa,It looks like he has been asleep for a while。
No wonder,When Xia Jian sat down, he realized that it was eleven o’clock.。
“Xia Jian!Are you leaving tomorrow?“Old Xiao is straightforward,Ask directly。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Yes!I have to go to the provincial capital,A friend is hospitalized,I have to see her。If there is enough time,I will come here again when I return to Pingdu“
“Oh!The comparative habits of your parents and children living here,It also brings commendable laughter and joy to my life.,Thank you from the bottom of my heart“Old Xiao said,There was a smile like a flower on my face。
Xia Jian knows,This is what Old Xiao said politely。My parents took Xiaochenchen to live in someone’s house,He should be the one who says thank you,But Old Xiao snatched what he wanted to say。
“As long as you are happy,My dad asked me today,Ask them when to go back。I think it’s a bit early to go back now,I’m afraid it will be troublesome if anyone calls back。After all, the child is getting older every day,He can understand what the adults are saying“Xia Jian lowered his voice and said。
Xiao Xiao smiled slightly,She answered:“He is really a smart boy,It would be great if he is really your child“Xiao Xiao said,A little helplessly shook his head。
“Don’t say anything like this in the future,No matter whose child it is,We must treat it with our heart。Because we accepted him,Then we have to do our duty“Old Xiao’s tone is a bit firm。
Xiao Xiao stuck his tongue out and said:“I know dad,I just said casually“