These two women come,Mu Rong Sisi instantly became a waiter,She can only serve tea and water,How can she sit down?,Li Na didn’t teach her,Already pretty good。

“Ouch, handsome boy!You seem to be less active outside,Now during the crackdown,I dare not be too presumptuous anywhere,You men have a virtue,No woman,Who’s going?“Li Na’s voice,It’s almost to the bone。
Sister Wang put down the tea cup,Glancing at Li Na,Speak softly:“Say nothing,Mr. Xia is very busy now,So many things,Waiting for him to decide,Then have spare time to listen to you talking nonsense“
“It’s okay sister Wang,Since i can come,Not afraid of wasting time“Xia Jian hurriedly said。
Sister Wang,Haha smiled:“That would be nice!In this case,Let’s have a meal together?“
First0267chapter Sister Wang’s dinner
A deep alley,Old old house,Looks very inconspicuous。
Go up the wooden stairs,Entered a small room on the second floor,Inside layout,Really make people shine,Everything is so elegant and generous,The antique is interspersed with the taste of modern elements,It seems that the boss here is of good taste。
“sit down!Most people don’t know this place,Even if I know,People may not entertain him“Li Na smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,So I sat by the window,There is sunshine here,Although it’s a bit warm,But he really likes the taste of being exposed to the sun。
Sister Wang doesn’t talk much,Hello, the boss,I reported a few dishes,I don’t even read the recipe,This can be imagined,She must be a long-term customer here,Otherwise she would not remember so clearly。
Drinking delicious tea,Basking in the afternoon sun,From time to time I look at the beauty in front of me,Xia Jian instantly passed through,If I can live this life every day,Is life not leisurely。
“What is President Xia thinking??“Sister Wang turned the cup of tea in her hand,Junsu raised his eyebrows and asked。
Xia Jian took back the thoughts that had drifted away,Smile:“I was thinking,If I can live this life every day,I will be satisfied for the rest of my life“