“Nie Lao Big,What do you want later??”

No, Nie Yang first opens,Jin Xijie is the first to ask up。
“Forehead,Although I know how to do this,But the specific arrangement is still going to watch the gold boss,After all, I can think of these, I feel that it is my own limit.。”
“Nie Lao is too modest.,What are you saying?,See if you think about it again.。”
Jin Xijie said like this,Nie Yang is a little looking forward to。
“it is good,Then I will talk about my previous ideas.。”
“I want me to monitor the movement of the four seas.,Then eat in the four seas,When you go to the toilet or there is no preparation,Direct pain。”
This idea for Nie Yang,Jin Xijie nodded:“It is indeed a good idea。”
“But this opportunity is not too much.,After all, I have experienced these。”
“Yes,Is there any way that is the gold boss??”
Nie Yang heard his own plan was denied by Jin Xijie.,Immediately there is a curious other party?。
Jin Xijie hesitated:“My plan is not very mature。”
“But once successful,90% of the success rate, I still dare to guarantee。”
“Forehead,What is the good idea you have??”
One percent of the success rate of Nie Yang is also interested in Nie Yang.。
He seems to be reliable,But it is very difficult to implement it.。
Don’t say that the strength of the four seas is also very strong,In his bodyguard, the bodyguards are not general people.。
“I am thinking about the problem of good women in the four seas.,If a good woman,My success rate will be high.!”
He is definitely a good woman.!How can I not be good?。”
Nie Yang listened to this,I immediately gave a very accurate answer.。
“Good woman is enough,My plan is very simple,That is…………”Jin Xijie said that his plan was originally stunned.。
Nie Yang listened,Some point:“Indeed that the success rate will be high,But to lay out in advance for a long time。”
“fine,As long as you can remove each other,Time we can solve,And about the site of Ye Fengchun, we must also hurry to find someone to buy.,Can’t fall into the other side。”
“Row,I will do this.!”
Nie Yang,Quickly put it up。
Jin Xijie is how to develop an engineering team?,And the road to you later。
After all, everyone’s back is not the same.。
I can’t help but think of the choice for him.。
He didn’t feel anything before.,After all, he did not be in the highest position before.,Feeling that the rapids will be unwear an accident, it may be killed by the big waves on the reef.。
Even the red sister is rushing,He is a little can’t understand。
But now he has already understood。
In that position,There are also huge dangers of that location,One accidentally is the situation of God。