“Please figure out one thing,except me,No one can help Dongying’s industrial enterprises to do this,And this production line is used by myself,”Chen Geng said without hesitation:“The engine and transmission production line will be located in the United States,stamping、welding、The spraying production line will also be placed in the United States,You should know that Lee from Chrysler and I·Chairman of Iacocca and Chairman of Ford Motors Henry·Good friendship between Ford,So you should be very clear about what this production line means to Dongying。”
As for the final assembly line,Yes,Chen Geng is going to put the final assembly line in China。
Kawashima preferences of course know what it means,This means that the operation of this production line will be watched by the world’s two largest automobile manufacturers.,Once the performance of this production line、The efficiency has been verified,Don Ford、Chrysler、General andAMCWhen the four major U.S. auto giants need to replace their production lines,They will definitely choose to cooperate with Dongying。
For Dongying’s industrial industry,This is a benchmark、A role model、A demonstration!
Looking at Hashima’s favorite expression,Chen Geng nodded,Then said:“It seems you are clear,Then tell me,except me,Who else would give Dongying such a chance?But now you actually tell me you want to collect money?!”
This word,Chen Geng said that he was very confident,Even a little wronged:I helped you so much,You are so embarrassed to accept Lao Tzu’s money?!
Chen Geng is just a little wronged,Hedao likes more wronged!
His eyes are going out,Shocked expression:What do you mean?What do you mean by Fernandez……You plan not to pay for this production line?!
“Mr. Fernandez,Please don’t make such a joke,I can help you match up,But it’s impossible not to pay,After all, we also took a risk,What if the efficiency of your production line does not reach the international level,”Hedao likes to wave his hand,He won’t be fooled by Chen Geng before a few words:“that time,It’s not a good thing for Dongying’s industrial industry.……
of course,This is a beneficial attempt for Dongying after all,I can persuade everyone to give you the best possible price,I believe Honda still has this……”
He is not afraid that Chen Geng will not agree,Don’t look at what he said is exciting、It seems to be considering Dongying’s industrial industry、Helping Dongying,But don’t forget,Now integrators and suppliers of automobile production lines around the world have blocked him,If you can’t buy the production line elsewhere,Chen Geng will come to Dongying?