of course,This is a long-term vision,Now,Still have to take out a truly mature、Commercialized microcomputer。let me……”

Point at yourself,Chen Geng smiled:“As a shareholder of Great Wall Computer Company,Specific to the operating system,I can’t promise you what a low price,But what I can promise is,I treat the China market and the U.S. market equally。”
Treat equally?
No one thought Chen Geng would say that,For a time,Everyone was stunned。
Treat equally,How normal is this,Isn’t it the way to do business?,But for nearly a hundred years,China has never gotten it in the world“Treat equally”Treatment,Not to mention the pre-Qing period,Not to mention the period of the war of resistance,Just say that after the official establishment of New China,Huaxia got it from Big Brother“Treat equally”Treatment??
Same no。
It’s been several years since reform and opening up,Everyone also doesn’t know“Treat equally”What,A CNC machine tool that only sells for three to fifty thousand US dollars in European and American countries,Sell it to us at least 100,000 US dollars;A piece of ordinary8088CPU,Americans’ own corporate purchases cost dozens of dollars,We will spend thousands of dollars to buy it!
Why does the Chinese government work hard to join the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade?One of the most important reasons is that there is less blood in international procurement。
Just at this time,Chen Geng suddenly said,I treat you equally。
For a time,Everyone can’t accept it。
Was silent for a while,Li Rui asked Chen Geng cautiously:“Mr. Chen,If i understand correctly,what do you mean……cp/mWhat price is the system sold to customers in the United States,At what price?”
Chen Geng pursed his mouth,Asked Li Rui:“Deputy Li,Others don’t understand、Don’t understand,But the words came from your mouth……I ask you,From the first day Chen Geng entered China,In our cooperation,Is there a project that Chen Geng did not kindly do??”
Li Rui was instantly speechless。
think carefully,Seems to be so,He suddenly made a big red face。
“This one……This one……Mr. Chen……”