Chapter Four Hundred and One Dutch nobility

Qin Feng naturally agreed to Liu Xing without hesitation“Claim”。
Anyway, what I say now and what I do later will definitely not be directly related,After waiting in Europe,Basically the plan will never keep up with the changes,Isn’t it the time to adapt?!
“that,We slipped?”
“Get up!”
The two briefly discussed and went directly to the airport to fly directly to Europe。of course,Flying from here to Europe takes a lot of time,But fortunately, they took the plane at night,So when it arrives, it will be daytime ten hours later。
Because of Liu Xing’s admiration“Princess lise”Is a member of the Dutch royal family。So after Qin Feng arrived in Europe, they flew directly to the Netherlands。
“I said Liu Xing,How did you get involved with the royal family of this country??Moreover,The princess actually looks down on you?This is not justified!”Walking on the road in amsterdam,Qin Feng couldn’t help but complain。
Liu Xing said depressed,“Qin Feng,Do you think i look bad?In fact, men in our country are oppressed by women,Plus,I originally grew up in Chinatown here,So I am familiar with many things here。the most important is,My Liu Xing was originally a member of the noble,It’s just that everything was confiscated by accident.”
Qin Feng always felt that what Liu Xing said was not organized at all.,But he doesn’t care,Anyway, he is not investigating the details of others,Come to Europe now,Helping Liu Xing is just an incident。of course,He is not saying that he has no means at all in Europe。
Qin Feng met many people when he was a mercenary soldier。Although not many people have contact with him because of his personality。But there are many people saved。Qin Feng thought about,What if these wealthy people need their help one day??
So generally just see,Qin Feng will come to help。
And here in Armstrong,Qin Feng knew someone sitting in the red light district“security”Working middle-aged man。