“boss,Is there any task??”Captain and Chief Instructor of the Special Tactics Team of the Detroit Police Department David·Patrick frowned,Somewhat unhappy:“If there is a task,Should be sent to us at least one day in advance,We have to develop an offensive strategy。”

Statham vs. David·Patrick’s impression is still very good,Although this guy doesn’t speak very nicely,But he has real abilities,And take good care of his subordinates,He nodded slightly,To david·Patrick、At the same time, it is also explained to the members of the special tactics team who are looking up at them.:“Not a task,A child,Mayor Fernandez will come to our police station,Give everyone a bonus,There will be a lot of media coming together,and so……”
Without waiting for Statham to finish,David·Patrick understood him immediatelybossthe meaning of:Being a member of the special tactics team is secret,The purpose is to avoid being retaliated by the gang after the identity of yourself and your family are known.,Since there is media coming next,Of course everyone must be fully armed,Protect your secrets。
the most important is,The new mayor must personally give bonuses to himself and others,This is the point。
According to the language officially announced by the City Hall,All seized,30% returned to the police system,The cash is clearly calculated、Return within three days after crediting,Loot returned after auction;
Among the funds returned to the police system,Action group can be divided into50%,Subdivide,In action,If both the action team and the support team are involved in the battle,Then there is nothing to say,So we share the money equally,If no support group is used,Then the action group that directly participated in the battle65%,Arrive at the scene、But the support team that did not participate in the operation took35%;
leftover50%,In command、logistics、The direct and indirect policemen65%,The police who didn’t do anything,Take the last35%,Which is the total prize amount17.5%——no way,If you don’t give these people a penny,Is not good for uniting comrades,Not to use the morale of the police,But think again,Only a few people work,How many people are not working?So many people share the 30% return17.5%,Actually everyone doesn’t get much。
And after the end of the action last night,The special tactics team has long been clear about how much everyone should pay:
Four tactical teams were dispatched last night,total20people,Two of the tactical teams are responsible for the operation,Two teams are responsible for support,But the support team was not dispatched,and so,263Ten thousand3415Dollar30%Yes790024.5USD,Action group get half,Just395012.25USD,Directly involved in the battle10Personal take65%,The total after rounding off the decimal point is256758,Everyone can get25676USD,Support group35%Yes138254,Everyone can get13825USD。
After reading the money everyone can get,Statham smiled:“how about it?Does this number differ from everyone’s calculations??If there is no discrepancy,after an hour,Mayor Fernandez will personally hand over the money to everyone。”
“No,Not bad。”
David·Patrick resisted the excitement in his heart and nodded repeatedly,As the captain of the special tactics team of the Detroit Police Department,He was not only present last night,And participated in the whole battle,In other words,I can get nearly26000Dollar bonus,The money is almost equivalent to his two-year salary,How could he be unhappy?
David·Patrick is okay,Special police officers from the special tactics team who participated in the battle last night,Everyone’s mouths are crooked,The new mayor is a good person,keep your word,Not said,We will support him in the future,I’ll elect him the next time the mayoral election。