[How to make octagonal wine for fishing]_How to make wine_How to make wine

[How to make octagonal wine for fishing]_How to make wine_How to make wine

Whether ancient or modern, fishing has always been a favorite activity of many people.

For fishing, the quality of the bait is very important.

A good fishing lure can greatly increase the success rate of fishing.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been used to attract fish for a long time, and many traditional Chinese medicines can be used to make bait.

Star anise is one of them. Sparkling anise can make the aroma of the star anise, thereby increasing the success rate of fishing.

So, how to make anise starfish and fish?

Star anise has both flavor and medicinal properties, which is most suitable for brewing pharmaceutical wine.

Without adding other traditional Chinese medicine, simply using star anise sparkling wine has a good effect.

Select a good quality anise star anise, five kilograms of high-curve wine, and pour it into a glass sealed jar for more than one month to make an anise medicinal liquor.

Star anise medicinal wine is a good helper for making rice wine. Some wine making millet is used to make nests, or fresh corn kernels are directly linked to grass carp, and the results are very good.

In addition to being added to the feed in the form of medicinal wine, star anise powder can also be ground as an additive to enhance the flavor of homemade bait.

Below, a more common homemade bait recipe is introduced.

Raw materials for bait: cornmeal, fine bran, star anise powder.

The bait-making process: First, the anise must be pulverized repeatedly with a pulverizer (if you find it troublesome, you can buy it directly in the supermarket).

Then, prepare 500 grams of cornmeal and 300 grams of fine bran, stir-fry the pan and scent according to the old rules and let cool.

These ingredients can be added with about half a spoon of star anise powder. Pour in the bait pot and stir well. Use the original pond water to reconcile to your ideal state.

This kind of bait is used to lure fishing together. If you want to adjust the state more finely, you can add a small amount of drawing powder according to the situation.

In addition, if you want to use the feed as a black pit, it is recommended to add another 40% of the original pond particles, the effect is better.