[How to make good glutinous rice]_How to do_How to do

[How to make good glutinous rice]_How to do_How to do

Glutinous rice has many wonderful uses. Some kinds of glutinous rice can be used to make ravioli after being squashed. Glutinous rice can be used to make dumplings. Glutinous rice flour can be used for rice cakes. Soaked glutinous rice can be used for many foods, such as glutinous rice ribs, glutinous rice, and glutinous rice, Egg cakes, etc. There are indeed many ways to eat glutinous rice. Let me introduce to you how these glutinous rice dishes are made?

[Glutinous rice pork ribs]Ingredients: Soaked glutinous rice, pork ribs, soy sauce, salt, onion ginger garlic minced chopped pork ribs with soy sauce, salt and onion ginger garlic minced for 6 hours, glutinous rice soaked overnight.

The next day, pour the soup of the pork ribs, pour the glutinous rice into the ribs, mix each color, and wrap the glutinous rice ribs in a tin foil wrap and steam for about 2 hours.

[Glutinous rice ball]It is sold in many places. It is usually eaten for breakfast. You can make glutinous rice at night, get a pot in the morning, and add your favorite side dishes. I usually add an omelette + cucumber slices + ham in the morning.Or luncheon meat. If you can’t get to work before, you can pack it and take it away.

[Glutinous Rice Flour + Egg Cake]Ingredients: Steamed glutinous rice, flour, water, red bean paste (your favorite filling) Ingredients: Steamed glutinous rice flour, flour and water and knead well, do not add too much water or it will be difficult to form, wrapBean paste filling, put in the refrigerator and freeze for half an hour before taking out and fry.

Because it is red bean paste, it doesn’t take a long time, if you like fresh meat, you should fry it a little longer.

Quiche: Knead glutinous rice with minced carrots into a cake and freeze it in the refrigerator. The eggs are scattered. The pie is wrapped in egg liquid and cooked in a pan. Remember that the pie is thin and fried to become crispy and fragrant.

[Glutinous Rice Pot Sticks + Siu Mai]Ingredients: Cooked glutinous rice, shiitake mushrooms, salt, soy sauce, shallots, cooking wine, dumpling skin and shredded diced mushrooms, pour oil (a little more) in the pan with shiitake mushrooms and shallots, soy sauce cooking wine and saltPour in cooked glutinous rice and stir well.

Potsticker: Put the glutinous rice in dumpling skin and wrap it into a potsticker, and fry it in a frying pan. If it is a little yellow, pour a bit of water on the lid and continue to fry.

Siu Mai: Wrap glutinous rice into Gongzipi and knead it for sale, then steam it for 10 minutes.