[What to do if you eat paraquat by mistake]

[What to do if you eat paraquat by mistake]

In recent years, paraquat has been repeatedly reported in the news media.

No matter if you eat paraquat by accident, or if you have a thought of being light on yourself, after taking paraquat, it will cause a fatal threat. This is a highly toxic drug. There is currently no special treatment method. Once poisoned, you should immediately rescue, The sooner the rescue is, the better the treatment, we must pay attention to this aspect.

Let’s take a look at this.

What to do if you eat paraquat by mistake

First aid treatment is to stop absorption, accelerate discharge and control oxygen therapy.

Those with large exposures immediately left the scene.

Rinse immediately with running water or soapy water for 15 minutes when skin is contaminated.

In case of eye contamination, immediately rinse with water for 10 minutes.

Those who take it orally should induce vomiting, and those who have symptoms of digestive tract corrosion are contraindicated; gastric lavage and enema, and those who have symptoms of corrosion should be cautious.

Add bleaching earth, bentonite or activated carbon mixed with paraquat to gastric lavage and enemas, or infuse it after gastric lavage?
30% bleaching earth, 7% bentonite or activated carbon suspension, and give magnesium sulfate orally to accelerate the discharge, every 2?
Once every 4 hours.

The best effect is to remove poison within 2 hours after oral administration.

Speed up the absorption of absorbed poisons.

Early application of diuretics such as furosemide; early continuous application of hemoperfusion, which is beneficial for early hemodialysis, and dialysis is not effective.


Control or avoid oxygen therapy to give less than 21% of oxygen absorption, so as not to increase lung damage caused by high concentration of oxygen.

Using PEEP to maintain lung expansion can avoid increasing oxygen partial pressure and improving hypoxia.

Continue observation after early symptoms have subsided, as late lung damage may occur.

The cure for certain drugs such as competition agents, antioxidants, glucocorticoids and immunosuppressants has not been confirmed.

At present, there is no special antidote for paraquat in the world, so farmers are reminded to pay attention to the safety of medication, do not put it in a place where children can easily reach, and take precautionary measures when spraying pesticides.