Da Jiangdong ︱ "hero" to rebuy, Shanghai go straight "global electricity capital"

The championship final scene.

Ju Yunpeng Photo "The Global League of Legends, I represent the Shanghai Municipal Government, warmly welcome the official set of Shanghai, let us 2020 meet Shanghai, and feel the passion of electrical competition together. E-sports, our Shanghai see! "Last year, S10 officially announced in Shanghai, Shanghai, deputy mayor, Zongming, specializes in recording a welcome video for the event.

For a time, the news that "Shanghai Deputy Mayor personally declared the 2020 League of Legends held in Shanghai" is widely spread. The city leaders will fight for an electrical competition, attracting many electric competists to exclaim "there is a plaque". In fact, Shanghai pays attention to the importance of the electrical industry, not only in the "plaque", but also in "illegal".

As early as December 2017, Shanghai issued a "number of opinions on accelerating the innovation and development of Shanghai Cultural Creative Industry", known as "Wenchuang 50", which clearly put forward, in the anime game industry to focus on this emerging development To make a strong local event brand, support the international top events to settle in the construction of global electricity. In June 2019, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Cultural Tourism Bureau, and the Sports Bureau also introduced 20 views of the healthy development of the e-sports industry, expecting to promote the development of electricity industry from nine aspects. Including the promotion of electrical content creation and technology research and development capabilities, building a powerful competition system, optimizes electricity space carrier layout, and makes large power-promoting industry main body, building an electric talent training system, optimizing the development environment of electricity industry.

In February of this year, even when the epidemic prevention and control is extremely nervous, Shanghai is still concerned about the electrical competition.

Encourage electrical competitions to transform the electrical competition for the transformation of the electrical competition. And the importance of seriously affected by the epidemic, in this year’s literary funds, it also gives priority. For a line game with a certain scale and influence, it will be supported with reference to the offline event support standard. And to fully have a major event such as the League of Legends Global Finals.

The final final ended, players, audiences, and staff members all safe, healthy and out of the venue, and Shanghai homes to commit their promise.

"Shanghai is a very fast city in China’s electricity and even global electricity. It has a good environment and opportunity. The key is that the Shanghai Municipal Government has also given a lot of policies and resource supports", S10 organizers, fist games Lin Song, the person in charge of China and Tengjing Sports, said that during the competition, Shanghai all regions have carried out activities related to the event. The electrical elements are spread throughout the city, and the first time in the history of electricity. Electricity Culture – City Canyon Life Month.

"The highest standards of international standards, the best level, play Shanghai characteristics, maintain the national leading level, optimize the industry development business environment, open upstream, expand the industrial chain, improve the development level, strive to build" worldwide E-sports capital ‘. "S10 successfully held, Shanghai’s goal is getting more and more expected.