Beijing has built 47,000 5G base stations basically achieve 5G network full coverage

Original title: The city has built 10,000 5G base stations (Reporter Zhao Peng) City Communications Administration disclosed yesterday, as of the end of September, the city has built a 5G base station, basically achieve 5G network coverage. The latest statistics from the Municipal Communications Administration, as of the end of September this year, the city has built a 5G base station, and the number is new and high, and the city’s 5G network coverage is basically completed. Huang Ping, deputy director of the Municipal Communications Administration, said that the 5G industry has been highly attached great importance to the national strategy, and the development of 5G applications is becoming the main battlefield that promotes the development of the 5G industry.

The Municipal Communication Administration will continue to strengthen the construction of 5G network infrastructure, constructed by scale, extensive coverage to key construction, depth coverage, to meet industry differentiated demand, increase 5G empowerment effect, promote 5G in intelligent logistics, no warehouse, Application of smart wear and other scenes.

  "5g + Intelligent Logistics" is a typical scene of 5G application.

5G The value of the smart logistics is being revealed, and the high-rate large bandwidth 5G network allows the robot more "ear-eyed", efficiency improvement. Yesterday, Beijing Telecom Joint Jingdong Logistics launched the first 5G full connection intelligent warehouse in Yizhuang. In the 5G full connection intelligent warehouse, the drone and the robot can also shuttle in the flow of people, and a stack of goods is quickly sent to the designated position by the robot well, and a large amount of parcel is quickly divided into a unit, sent to the respective designated container. Inside. It is understood that Beijing Telecom and Jingdong Logistics will extend 5G all-connected intelligent warehouse to the national or other Asian countries to construct new ecologies in e-commerce logistics warehousing. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.