Cangzhou Ke City, lotus streets, create beautiful towns "Zhihe model"

  "嘀嘀 嘀 …… Construction garbage pile alarm.

"Recently, a system alarm prompt broke the serenity of the emergency management platform of the Huhua Street Integrated Information Communications Emergency Management Platform in Coricheng District, Cangzhou City, and 70 greening piles in the new lotus community of the lotus street. The system will push the information at the same time To street integrated command rooms and mens mobile phones.

  Five minutes later, the mens report on the spot: A owner put the decoration garbage stack in the green belt trigger system alarm. After the commander personnel reported the incident, after the residential department, the residential department sent a professional to conduct dangerous house decoration risk assessments and guidance, and the netcher supervised the owner to take the decoration garbage to run away.

In less than 20 minutes, the system prompts construction waste processing.

  This is a digital application scenario in the management of "house decoration safety supervision" in the old communities in the jurisdiction of the old community this year. In the old man’s homework, the digital cockpit is collected in the digital cockpit, the collected data connectivity comprehensive information command room, and supports a 24-hour "guardian umbrella" in the residential people and children, and the community. This is "electronics Nanny "application scenario; installation monitoring equipment in the old building is tilted with intelligent identification, if the trend map is too large, the alarm message is automatically issued to the management platform. This is a dangerous house safety dynamic monitoring platform … There is a weak sense of perception in urban traditional management, and there are many realistic problems such as command platform. The lotus street is trailed in digital reform, and the "grassroots governance is four platforms" as the center to create beautiful town provincial models for starting. Integrate all kinds of resources and platforms, small scenes, and build a three-way grassroots Zhizhi system, promote urban operation scenarios, and strive to realize the "big wisdom" of small towns.

  There have been more than 5.5 million yuan in the lotus street jurisdiction, involving more than 170 illegal fund-raising cases, eventually achieved 10 minutes, more than 30 minutes of departments arrived, more than 1 hour joint disposal of high efficiency, this Thanks to the "Emergency Lunition Mechanism" of the lotus street. The mechanism is constructed from the integrated information command room unified command, integrated administrative law enforcement, public security, market supervision and other 46 law enforcement personnel to 76 grids, build "1 + 1 + 3 + X" grid linkage law enforcement team (ie 1 Network length, 1 grid instructor, 3 licenses, X-famous machines, other law enforcement officers, fire, Wen Travel, emergency, etc.), eliminating street grid "Responsible" Unattended pain points, realizing the information interoperability, resource sharing, and work linkage.

At the same time, relying on the "114" operating system, a list of mission list (mainly including noise disturbance, illegal fund-raising, occupation, chaotic parking, etc.), a run map (grid, community, Street, district four-level process), four systems (weekly meeting, joint law enforcement every Tuesday, the first to take the lead, work assessment), clear "two difficulties" emergency joint service tasks, establish "walkie-talkie + Snow Engineering" linkage command system, Promote law enforcement work "passive down" as an active service, realize the "unified" of resource information, and law enforcement linkage "." A fresh digital management scenario further dredge the grassroots governing "capillaries" and continuously woven the tissue "Digital" network.

"Digital communication, mechanism, integration, and suddenly make the street coordination ability, grid linkage is faster, urban wisdom governance is more accurate.

"Deputy Secretary of the Lotus Street Party Work Committee, Director Wang De Wei, the next step will continue to focus on governance, digital integration, system management, tight urban governance, and strive to explore more scenes for the beautiful town" Wisdom Governance " Good practice.

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