A cold voice rang from behind:“You have to run one more step,I promise to interrupt your left leg first,Use a knife to chop off your fingers one by one and put them in your fartGinside!”

Zhang Shuping trembled,Cold heart,Quavered:“Chen Xiu,what do you want,If you are a hero, give Lao Tzu a joy!”
“Obediently keep the weapon!”
Zhang Shuping had to keep the pistol in his hand on the ground。
“Are you satisfied now!”
A gunshot,This time the bullet is not enough from his toes,I feel the popularity in the bullet hole through the shoes。
Chen Xiu sneered:“Are you kidding me,Threw the grenade behind your waist,And the dagger hidden in the boots!”
Under his perspective,Zhang Shuping has nowhere to hide。
“How does this kid know that I have a dagger hidden in my boots!”
Zhang Shuping was puzzled,First, he untied the two grenades behind his waist and threw them on the ground,Squat down slowly,Pull out the dagger hidden in the boots and throw it on the ground。
Chen Xiu walked slowly with his gun,First kicked two grenades far away,Kick the pistol again。
“In the end what you want,Do it if you want to kill,Don’t play me!”Zhang Shuping said stiffly。
Chen Xiu smiled coldly:“I hope you can be so tough in a while。This way I will feel happy when I torture you!”
Chen Xiu first unloaded the submachine gun’s magazine and remained on the ground,I threw it on the ground with the gun in my hand。
Zhang Shuping couldn’t help but froze,I don’t understand why Chen Xiu could kill himself with one shot.,But threw the gun。