How to eat will not gain weight

How to eat will not gain weight

first step.

  Really hungry, fake hungry?


Drink a glass of water first.

Sometimes we will treat “thirst” as “hungry”. If you feel hungry after drinking a glass of water, it means that you are not really hungry.


Do you have to eat some kind of food?

Old people should replenish a certain vitamin. It’s really hungry. You should see everything you want to eat. If you don’t eat the egg yolk pie of the company’s pastry house, then you are just stunned, not hungry!

At this time, you must hold back!


Sometimes you are angry, depressed, lonely, and you will want to eat when you are stressed. The consequences are often that eating too much will not help, and the meat will be white.

At this time, you may want to find someone to chat, song or go out for a walk.

A study by the British Women’s Health Network found that walking for 15 minutes allows you to eat less than half of the chocolate.

You will not be “hungry” after changing your mood.


Don’t meet up with friends until you meet up with friends!

Eating and chatting is likely to make you eat round after round, chat happily and eat two, talked about eating two, talking about nothing and eating two, wasting time and wasting money.

It is recommended that you upgrade your friends and family to a spiritual friend.


See if it is a meal!

If you have a diet rule, you will not be hungry if you don’t have a meal. Please don’t feel free to add meals before meals, especially before lunch.

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the United States found that 123 obese women had lost too much weight after adding their meals before lunch.

Office workers often think that they need to replenish their energy before lunch, but later lunches are not eaten less, and starting to eat snacks in the morning will make your day’s food intake bigger.

If you are not hungry to take the gold star, still endure the meal!

  The second step.

  Before eating, a study by Johns Hopkins University found that the simple and clear distribution of food packaging can help people control their weight effectively, so don’t overlook the dense words behind the beautiful packaging.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, a healthy adult woman needs to replenish 1800 a day?
1900 calories, men need 1980?
2340 calories conversion.

  Therefore, you should think about every thing you eat, and the conversion of each meal is best controlled at 600?
650 calories, equivalent to 10?
12 black sesame dumplings, 12?
15 dumplings, 3 bowls of rice or 3 two pork.
Most foods with packaging are now replenished, so it’s best to compare them at the time of purchase. The same type of food is selected for conversion, and the total volume of each meal is controlled to about 600 calories.

  third step.

  Into the restaurant, it is difficult to calculate the displacement of the replacement when it is savvy. It is more careful at this time.

If you only eat out once a week, you can do whatever you want, but modern urbanites eat at least once a day.

Every time you walk into the restaurant, think about how many times you have already gone to the restaurant. It is best to keep the number of meals going out every week within 3 times.
  When ordering, order the vegetarian dishes first, and then order the vegetarian dishes and then the meat, which can control the overall transformation of the food.

Vegetarians such as vegetables, beans, fruits and whole grains allow you to get a lot of fiber, which preserves moisture and makes your stomach feel more saturated.

If the food is divided into small portions, please order a small portion, don’t be afraid that you can’t eat enough, prefer to order it again, and don’t decide how much to eat.

  It is best not to drink, most carbonated drinks and juices contain a lot of sugar, spring health to eat kidneys, you can easily drink a lot of cups in a meal, so you even eat white water boiled vegetables will grow a lot.

  If you really want to eat dessert, it is best to eat somewhere.
Taking a walk can help you burn some energy, and sometimes you will find yourself full when you walk out of the restaurant, so you simply cancel the plan to eat dessert.