Can’t eat yet。

Bai Qi is standing leisurely on Zhu Minglang’s shoulders,Looking at the big black teeth with a puzzled look,At the same time with a bit of pride。
No matter how crispy the skin is,,The meat is juicy and delicious,Xiaobai can’t even get the least interest,Probably there is a kind of fairies who are beautiful and refined who drink dew。
“Ready to eat,After eating, we will find some demon spirits to try。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Oh woo~~~”Big black teeth raised his head,A long scream,This appearance made Zhu Minglang suddenly suspect that it was more or less of the blood of the big bad wolf。
A big fat leg,Big black teeth eats oil all over his face,Every time I wipe the grease on my face with my tongue,Can feel the overflowing happiness……
Taking advantage of the big black teeth not swallowing all,Zhu Minglang cut a piece of pork neck,I flipped through the books while eating。
Many things to learn,Especially to be a qualified dragon shepherd,Own knowledge reserves must be very sufficient,In the past, Zhu Minglang was the only one with Xiao Bai,How has Xiaobai been self-taught?、Gifted,I don’t need to worry about anything,But Big Black Teeth was born from the grassroots,Acquired efforts are more important,Plan yourself。
Does Xiao Bai look a little boring,I’m already listless on Zhu Minglang’s shoulders。
“You also want to find an opponent?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Babble!”Bai Qi immediately lit his head。
Thinking of that gilt fire dragon,How Bai has the will to fight,But some power is still sleeping in the body,Like being bound by something,Only through battle can this shackles be broken。
Bai Qi also looks forward to fighting。
“it is good,We will go deeper in a while。”Zhu Minglang said。
This meal,Should be able to last for many days,This kind of black pork that is about to become a demon contains huge energy,Even the size of Big Black Teeth needs some time to digest,If you eat again, unless it is more nutritious meat,Otherwise, eating is just holding。