Since the old city lord served as the lord of the sword city,It can be said that in order to build the sword city is exhausted,Many people in the city of sword forging have received his favor。

recent years,Qicheng continues to grow and develop,In particular, the amount of their battle power in the God Realm far exceeds the amount of battle power in the sword city.。
Sword City is in such a misty situation,Can barely maintain normal,All thanks to the deep hope of the old city owner。
Now the old city owner has passed away,For a while,Everyone in the sword city seems to have collapsed a pillar。
But life has to go on,Everyone in Forging Sword City has to face the ups and downs of the future。
Fortunately, Xia Chenglong is now the new lord of the sword city,The disciples of the disciples in the city of sword forging,There is also a new beam of light in my heart to heal the pain in the heart left by the death of the old city owner。
When the situation in Jiancheng City was good,Maybe it’s because of the relationship between the ancestors of Jiancheng City and Qicheng ancestors,Therefore, the lord of Jiancheng City at the time did not rush to kill Qicheng.。
Instead leave room for every step,I don’t want to break the legacy of Tool City directly。
Time flies,Time changes,Many years passed in a flash。
The hatred between the sword city and the tool city is getting deeper and deeper,In recent years,Even reached the point of endless death。
Don’t take,Take the blame;Time to not work,Will suffer!
I didn’t seize the opportunity to exterminate the city when the sword city was strong.,Unscrupulous,The city of sword forging has gradually declined,No longer the uncrowned king in the art of refining!
Mirror City,It’s a good time to catch up with the modern instrument city。
Since modern times,The rapid development of ordinary people’s technology,Gradually they can also go to heaven and earth,Traveled all over the world。
The concept of Qicheng Artifacts is to learn from the best,Discard its dross,Take the essence,Decontamination!In modern times,Influenced by ordinary people’s technology,Qicheng continues to develop rapidly。
Finally Qicheng is on the brink of extinction,Step by step to the point where it is today。
Although the current sword city and the tool city still worship their respective ancestors,But after so many generations,In addition, the Sword City has been in the Suppressor City for a long time。
And for many years,The hatred between the two cities is getting deeper and deeper。