“It shouldn’t take long?ten minutes?Still half an hour?”Jiang Jinghong only feels hungry in his belly,Reluctantly smiled。

Kasuga Hakoko stretched out three fingers。
“what?Three hours?No way!I think it’s only three minutes short!Your meditation is really amazing!”
“Do not,You meditated for three days!”Kasuga Hakoko smiled。
“what?Do not,impossible!”Jiang Jinghong said in surprise。
Kasuga Hakoko nodded,Tao:“He was right,You are really qualified。”
“No wonder my stomach is so hungry!I actually meditated for three days。Oh my god!I haven’t eaten for three days?Did not drink water?”Jiang Jinghong asked。
“Yes!Dripping,Grain rice is not stained。Meditation to reach this depth,Throughout the history of mankind,There are not many people who can do it。”Kasuga Mingko said lightly。
“is it?Am i so good?not good!I didn’t drink water for three days,The skin won’t dry out and get worse?”Jiang Jinghong suddenly screamed,Almost jumped up。
As soon as Kasuga heard this,,Almost fainted out of breath。
Where is this?!This woman in front of you,Probably the most unexpected quasi-psychological master in history.?
Tianzun God City,Imperial city entrance。
When the magic master Wuhao came,Immediately caused a sensation。
It’s not that Master Wu Hao is extraordinary,But because he owes a lot of foreign debts,Those rich and powerful people who ordered magic equipment from him,Learned the news of Master Wuhao’s entry into the city,Send people to greet。
Of course they dare not ask for debts directly from Master Wu Hao,But time is in a hurry,So long passed in a blink of an eye,Master Wu Hao should hand in some works.。