Yun Xiang listened,Said immediately:“no problem,President Qin,I’ll send it to you right away。”

Less than two minutes,Qin Feng’s WeChat voice sounded,Yunxiang sent a mobile phone number,Followed by a name,Song Litao。
Qin Feng didn’t hesitate,I dialed Song Litao’s phone directly。
The call is connected soon,There was a slightly confused low voice:“Hey?”
This is Song Kangsong’s father Song Litao,The reason for this sound,Because this is his personal phone number,I usually communicate with acquaintances,Basically there will be no unfamiliar numbers。
Qin Feng said:“I am Qin Feng。”
A question mark appeared on Song Litao’s head on the other end of the phone,Indifferent tone:“Qin Feng,do not know,You may have called the wrong number。”He was ready to hang up after speaking。
Qin Fengdao:“Typo,My woman was beaten by your son!”
Song Litao stopped his hand to hang up on the phone screen,Put the phone handset close to your ear,Tao:“You are the one who clashed with my son?What do you want?”
Song Kangsong has just returned home,I also told him briefly about the situation,He scolded his son a few words,So I didn’t say anything。
Zhizi Moruofu,His son is so virtuous,He knows very well。
But clearly,Does not mean that he will stand on the side of reason,Because that’s his son,And the only son。
“My girlfriend is unconscious now,I may not wake up for a lifetime,Become a vegetative who can only lie in bed for life,What do you think i should。”
Qin Feng is still very reasonable,I also hope that the other party is reasonable,So clarify things to the other party first。
Song Litao on the other end was silent for a while,