[Can meat crabs still eat?]_ Edible_Danger

[Can meat crabs still eat?]_ Edible_Danger

Everyone knows that crabs must be alive, especially crabs in the sea. Pay more attention to this. Can the meat crabs still eat?

Strictly speaking, it cannot be eaten, many crabs cannot be eaten, and many seafood cannot be eaten.

Crab has a high protein, but it is also a very unique animal. After death, the protein will change and even make people poison.

Can dead crabs be eaten?

Can’t eat it, because the protein of crab is converted into toxic protein after death, too much can be fatal!

What are the dangers of dead crabs? 1 Crab is a highly immune carnivorous animal. It eats a lot of bacteria and viruses, but it is suppressed by the crab’s immunity. Once the crab is dead, it is not even dead, it is just about to die., Bacterial viruses will multiply and breed some biotoxins.

As long as you see the crabs half dead and have no energy, you better not eat them.

2 After being caught, crabs often increase lactic acid in the body because they want to break free. This will cause the bacteria in the body to multiply and spread to the crab meat after death.

Bacteria can decompose amino acids in crabs, robes produce a harmful substance “histamine” and cause allergic food poisoning; the other possible substance is “histamine-like” which can cause vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.note.
How to identify dead crabs?

1 Pick up the bundled hairy crab and touch your eyes with your hand to see if it blinks. The blink is alive.

2 Take half a basin of water, put the bound crab into the water, and see if the crab’s mouth bleeds air bubbles.

(Remember, do not add the bound crab fork to the water, because there is insufficient oxygen in the water, the crab will quickly suffocate and die) 3 Touch the crab claws and straighten the smallest crab claws to see if they bend naturally and if they bend naturallyThe expression is live.

4Untie the bundled crabs and see if the crabs crawl. Being able to crawl indicates that the crabs are fierce.

What happens if I eat dead crabs?

Most river crabs grow in dirty river ponds. They like to eat dead carcasses of dead fish and dead shrimp in the water. Therefore, it is easy to infect bacteria. Generally, there are a lot of microorganisms in the crab.

When alive, river crabs can replace bacteria with metabolism through metabolism. Once dead, bacteria in the body will multiply, decomposing crab meat, and some bacteria will produce toxins.

In fact, dead river crabs are far from the poison.

Crab also contains high concentrations of histidine, which is easily broken down and can produce histamine and histamine-like substances under the action of deselenase.

In particular, after the death of crabs, histidine decomposes more quickly. The longer the death of river crabs, the more histamine accumulates in the body. When histamine accumulates to a certain amount, it will cause poisoning if eaten.

Of all the toxins, there is an important part-ammonia.

How can river crabs carry ammonia?

This needs to start with its rich protein.

River crabs contain a large amount of protein, and when it dies, the protein in the body will break down ammonia gas.

After dead crabs are eaten into the human body, excessive ammonia must be discharged through the human body, and this process causes health damage.

It can be said that if the diet is not proper, the dead river crab is very similar to the poisoned dark weapon in martial arts novels. Even if it is eaten, it may be delicious without losing its flavor, but it will be intangible.

If people eat such crabs, they can easily cause food poisoning. Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, severe dehydration, disturbance, smoking, and even shock, coma, and sepsis.

This is why river crabs can only be eaten alive.