8 departments jointly talk about 10 transportation new state platforms

On the morning of May 14, the Ministry of Transport, the Central News Network Office, the National Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Human Resources and Social Security, Market Supervision, State Letters and Turial, etc. At the interior meeting, 8 member units were traveling, the first steep car, Cao Cao travel, the US group trip, T3 travel, Gao De, 嘀嗒, full help, the truck, the fast dog taxi and other 10 transport new information Platform company conducts a joint approach.

According to the date, recently, the recent community is concentrated in the network, and the distribution mechanism is not publicly transparent. It will adjust the pricing rules, as well as the Internet freight platform monopolized freight information, malicious pressure low price, randomly rising membership fees, etc. Allegedly infringed the legitimate rights and interests of practitioners, triggered social widespread concern. The interview requires that all platform companies have to face their own problems, and conscientiously implement the responsibility of the enterprise and immediately carry out rectification. Rationalize the levels of draw ratios and information service fees.

The webmark platform company must protect the driver’s right to know and supervise, publicly draw the proportion, ensure clear and transparent and easy to understand, notify the driver’s passenger payment amount, the driver’s labor remuneration, platform draw ratio and other information; platform companies should take the initiative to reduce pumping Based, protect the driver’s labor remuneration.

Network freight platform should be reasonably set and take the initiative to reduce the information service fee, the level of membership fee, must not collude with each other, manipulate the market price, strictly forbidden to bid in the return price. Rectify the business behavior of violations of employees. Platform companies must fully communicate with employees in advance with employees in advance, in order to formulate or adjust their pricing rules, draw ratios, send orders, membership, bidding rules, etc., to fully communicate with employees in advance; Price behavior; to continuously optimize the formal mechanism, scientifically determine the work of employees and labor intensity, avoid timeout labor and fatigue driving. Improve the driver’s business environment. To take effective measures to protect the basic rights and interests such as employment, labor safety, social insurance, vocational training; to enhance the consciousness of integrity, earnestly fulfill the commitment, and resolutely avoid the dishonestane behavior of the driver’s rights; to improve the complaint mechanism, smooth driver Interesting channels, promptly responding to reasonable appeals and concerns, and must not be applied to the push.

Stick to safety and stable bottom line. We must implement the responsibility of the enterprise, accelerate the processes of the net approximation of the network, strictly implement the driver’s background verification related requirements, and the non-eligible personnel and vehicles, strengthen the internal management and safety education of the driver, and strengthen user personal information. Protection to ensure the safety and stability of the industry.

Give full play to the role of party building leaders. It is necessary to actively explore the party building work mode, and strive to promote the party building work mode, and strive to promote the party group organization and work, strengthen ideological and political education, and better play the party organization battle fortress and party members’ pioneering model. Detailed overview, all platform companies rectify to the society. All platform companies said that they will be in accordance with the requirements, and they will carry out comprehensive system examination of platform business behavior, earnestly fulfill their entity responsibility, and do a good job in rectification work, and carry out management, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of transportation new business practitioners. , Promote the norms of transportation of transportation and continued development.