2015 China La Shedton Festival eight wonderful activities released

2015 Shed Festival Activity Program ■ Time: On August 14th, the opening place: Lhasa City Mass Culture Sports Center Basketball Museum ■ Time: August 14th, Exhibition Buddha Location: Zhe Temple, Zira Temple ■ Time: August 14th to 20th, Tibetan show location: Robinka, Zongjiao Lukang Park ■ Time: August 15th to 16th, the 2nd Tibetan Music Seminar and "Green Home" Commercial Concert ■ Time: August 8th to August 18th, Lhasa City’s 2nd "Sports Cup" Football League Location: Lhasa Foreign Language School, Lhasa City Second Vocational Technical School, Lhasa City Beijing Experimental Middle School and Lhasa City Jiangsu Experimental Middle School ■ Time: From August 16th to 20th, the 9th Lhasa Tamata International Hiking Conference Location: Nam Trump ■ Time: August 14 From August 14th to 17th, the Pure Land Health Industry Exhibition Plan: Shengdi Paradise InterContinental Hotel This day, the reporter learned that the preliminary plan of the Lhasa Shedton Festival in 2015 has been determined, this year, the Snowton Festival is actively held in August 14 From August 20, the opening ceremony of the Sherton Festival will be held at 20 o’clock on August 14th. The Shedton Festival has 8 agenda, opening ceremony show performance, excellent Tibetan show, Snowdon Festival Buddha activities, the 5th Tibet Tangka Art Expo, Tibetan Music Symposium, "Green Home" Commercial Concert, Na Wooden Treasury International Hiking Conference and "Sports Cup" Football League. It is very attractive.