Deepen reform to break through the optimization of service promotion

Original title: Deepening the reform and seeking to break through the optimization service promotion can be taken on June 1, Baoshan City held a "venting service" reform to optimize the business environmental television conference, the meeting emphasized to further unify thinking, raise awareness, and deepen reform, seeking breakthrough, optimization Service effectiveness, with greater strength, more powerful measures, strive to deepen the "venting service" reform to optimize business environment, escort the high quality of the city’s economy and society. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the Mayor Hong Weizhi attended the meeting and speaking.

Du Chunqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, hosted the meeting.

The meeting requires, we must deepen the "first hand chess" to deepen the decentralization, and safely promote the reform of the relative centralized administrative permissions. All coverage will promote the reform of "license separation". "In the process of" put ", you should continue to relax market access, equally treat all kinds of market entities. In the process of "tube", we must in-depth "double random, one disclosure" "Internet + supervision + supervision", etc. Public service supply quality, improve talent employment service level, improve foreign-funded project service mechanism; to seize the major opportunities for "digital Yunnan" construction, service good digital economic development "new format", strengthen the rule of law, building a rule of law environmental protection "firewall ".

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to build a "arrest" reform is the consciousness of the charging business environment, and the business environment is the development of the business environment, the business environment is not the best, only better, the key is in action, it is implemented. It is necessary to promote the "venting service" reform optimization business environment to continue the development of "venting service" reform, and make a positive contribution to the high quality of economic and social in the city. Municipal leaders Jia Dezhong, Song Guangxing, Wang Wensheng, Yang Dongwei attended the meeting, the head of the municipal parties in the main venue, Wu County (city, district) leadership team members and relevant responsible comrades at the venue.

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