14 township street party political "one hand" PK, lotus "big compassion" full of gold

On November 10th, the first Lianzhuang Excellent Double Increase Project of "Strong Village Fighting and Common" is held in the Lianquan Hall of the District Government Convention Center. With the host of the host, the first Lianzhuang Excellent Double Increase Project has begun to start.

Purple Golden Street Yangkeng Village Idalega, Fengyuan Township Wilderness Farm Project, Laozhu Town Immigration Village Collective Property Project, Taiping Township "Thousand Mats Tea Garden" Project … In the game, 14 towns (streets) The main leaders took turns to go to the stage, vividly explained the results of double-growth projects through VCR, PPT, etc., sharing the advanced work experience of strong village projects.

In recent years, Double increase in Liandu has broadening the management income growth in various villages, and strengthens the collective economy and drive the masses to get rich. The Agricultural Rural Area of ??the Liandu District Committee Organization Department, jointly organized the first Lianzhuang Excellent Double Increase Project.

In the competition, everyone has improved the development confidence through "Learning", through "learning", and accelerates the progress of the project through "sun", through the "ratio" to create a strong atmosphere. At the same time, the competition also provides a platform for mutual learning, wisdom sharing, and exhibition results for each township street.

Su Ming commented on the project from the Municipal Agricultural Bureau, he said: "The Double increase in the Liandu District, one hand in the township streets, fully demonstrated the highlights and characteristics of the dual-increased project, showing" The main melody of drying, changing the driedness, provides a good experience in the entity operation of the township (street) strong village company.

"This competition is divided into project comprehensive assessment, two partial speeches, and the judges combined with projects, through the six aspects of scale, specific progress, specific benefits, than development, compared to innovation,", selection first 1 prize, 2 second prizes, three third prizes. In the end, it will select 1 township (street) excellent double-increased project representative Lotus to participate in the city’s big competition activity. First class Prize Bihu Town: Lishui City Bifeng Collective Economic Development Co., Ltd. Epalproofed Project.

The company operates the epidemic treatment project, property repair project, regional coordination project, parking lot renovation and improvement projects. Up to now, the epidemic treatment project has completed the first phase of investment million, Bifeng Company accounts and account, has received the first branch of $ 150,000.

Since starting, it has purchased 10,000 tons of top-bearing millions, more than 200 tons of semi-finished products per day, and the output value reached 9.3 million yuan. Secondary Awards Township: Sweet Potato Plantation and Starch Project.

The project adopted "Farmers + Cooperative + Company" model, 2020 and 2021, Xiandu Township has launched 285 households to sign more than 300 mu of sweet potato. In 2021, the total output value of the project was 3 million yuan, with an earnings of 530,000 yuan, divided into red million yuan, and the farmer participating in the plant was 4,000 yuan per mu. Second-class prize Li Xinxiang: Donggang Primary School and Oasis Agricultural Investment Project. Donggang Primary School Project.

In 2018, Likin Township Government integrated helping funds totaled 7.8 million yuan, and the departure education group was put into the deposit through the township company (Lishui Shengxin Collective Economic Development Co., Ltd.).

The project benefits 9 administrative villages, and the annual end of the benefit will be given. Currently, the project has renewed three years in September 2021.

Oasis agriculture project.

At the end of 2019, the Li Xinxiang government integrated project funds 8.5 million yuan (mine work funds 650,000 yuan, the village entry for 200,000 yuan) An administrative village, agreeing that each village is given by 8% of the investment, and the benefit of 10,000 yuan will be produced throughout the year. The project is currently being renewed.

Third Awards Springs: Xinyan Jincheng Company Investment Power Station Reconstruction, Helping Management Upgrading to Promote the Mount Holiday Group. Xinyan Company has funded 1.3 million yuan for the upgrading of the automation management device of the Pine Treek Power Station.

The investment payment is given by 100,000 per year. The five villages entrusted Xinyan Qixiang Village Company to charge the Pine Tree Hang Power Station, and the rental agreement with the power station. Every year, the rent of the strong village is leased and the rent is paid, and the rents will be funded by the proportion of strong villages. The village is divided into dividends, the compensation is fixed for 200,000 per year and has long been constant. Third Prize Baiyun Street: Lishui Xingyun Collective Economic Development Co., Ltd. The college stall, labor service and other projects are completed.

Xicheng Comprehensive Body Phase II Project, Chengxi Village Parking, etc. A total of 75 parking spaces in the parking lot project in Chengxi Village. It is expected that there are more than 500,000 yuan in the income, which has completed the delivery, which is about to be put into use, and create new income in the village collective economy. Third Prize of Hong Kong Town: "The Painting Township Qian Yantian Future Tea Garden".

Dagangou Town is the first batch of ecological products in the city to achieve demonstration township. The project aims to rely on high-quality landfield conditions and enrich tourism resources. Industrial benchmarks provide samples in the common prosperity of Liandu area. The total area of ??the project is about 970 acres, and the total investment is expected to invest than 5,000 million yuan.

The project was conducted in two phases, which was planned to be officially put into production in 2025. "Excellent Double Increase Project" is a minority in the Many Village Collective Economy in Liandu District. In these years, the completion of a group of high-quality village collective economic development projects in Lianbu has been greatly changed, and the village has become rich, and the people have become the ultimate beneficiary.

Next, the Liandu District will continue to focus on the collective income work of the village, adhere to the project leading, professional operation, innovation and development, and strive to build a rural resolution.