More vitality,You can even feel its weight has changed。

It turns out it can also absorb aura!
This elf is too friendly。
It can also be absorbed by itself,But stored aura in the fluff,Then give these precious psionic powers to the first person you see when you open your eyes。
“Bo Bo~”
The cry of Xiaoyingling,So cute,As if begging for a kiss from the owner。
Zhu Minglang also gave it a big kiss,Then I found Xiao Yingling was sleepy,Big eyes hang down from time to time。
It should be a gift from the previous few times,Make it a little tired。
Zhu Minglang took it in his arms,It feels like I’m hugging a plush pillow。
The friendly and selfless little Yingying fell asleep deeply,Zhu Minglang showed a satisfied smile。
This trip didn’t come in vain。
Got such a very special young spirit。
Nurture well,If you can make good use of its natural talent,Whether to transform a dragon is second,After all, such a moving spirit well,Can already bring great help to myself and other dragon pets!
Stood outside for a long time,The dragon gambling inside is also extremely hot。
Zhu Minglang originally wanted to see the Thunder Dragon Egg。
After all, the Lei Gonglong Dragon Egg is the highlight of this dragon gambling。