Jinyang Palace,Jinyang Six Town, Xianbei,Looking at the remains of Zhaojun,One side looked at each other。See the drop of the dragon chair,It seems to guess what happened.。

“Tang Yu,How is the Queen??Why is the body here??”
He asked unfolded,certainly,He is known as knowing。
“I don’t know why the body is here.,but,Probably the Longshan King moves it.。”
Tang Yan’s face。
Is he sad??He can’t wait to laugh.!This dead old woman is finally swallowed.!
At the beginning, he and his sister were happy.,When you want to form a continuous,Zhao Zhaojun shot,Put the sister of Duan Yao to the ocean!At that time, Tang Dynasty killed the heart of Zhaojun.!
Let her die in the end now,It’s really cheap, this old is a woman.。
“Oh,so it is。”
Hespeling the rough congratulations,Exchange the eyes with a few families and expectations,I saw it and watching it around Tang.,Modeo,It seems to understand what。
This is the coup.,Not discounted at all!
What is the fact is not important?,Important,How to clean up the situation!
“Gaozhen has escaped the thief,Probably something conspired by the Queen。This person is not available!
Gaelungki is a high ocean,Dengji is the most suitable for Qi Guo.,How do you mean?”
Tang Yu’s tone,Not discussed with these people,But said:Takarron,I will also go up.,Now just inform you,Don’t give your face!
“Unfair,Yang Yao?where is he?Let Yang Zhu come out to talk,Tell us what is the last thing to say?”
“Yup,Who knows if this is true??”
“Before the power is quite high,Why is it now in the thief?,This is too strange.?”
as predicted,These people don’t have the backbone of Yang Yund,Every one jumps out.。Tang Yu took Yang Yao half a dead in his heart.,This is now present,Where there will be so many broken things。
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NS897chapter Golden Buddha(superior)
Huge ocean,Dead is very calm,Even his funeral,Have a calm,Because he is no longer the emperor.,So after dead,Just breathe according to specific etiquette“Taimiao”,And use the farmity to sacrifice。
Other general etiquette according to the royal。
nature,The group of ministers don’t need clothing white single clothes.,Whitening is not crown,Just need to ban entertainment for three days in the city。
Lying,Gao Biyi saw Yang Hao, one person holding a high ocean, dark tears,It is also a burst of emotion.。Said people to walk cold,This hall,It’s too cold.。
Li family,Actually, only Li Zu Xun came to it.,Then there was no then。The courtesy seems to have forgotten that there is a high ocean in the world.,I didn’t ask for people.,Really feel cold。
“Yang Zauxian,Please grief。”
Gao Baoyi stabed and said Yang Hao’s shoulder。I didn’t have this behavior before.,Yang Wei is Fu Supported,Can you let you shoot like this??
Just now Gao Bao’s identity is different.,Behavior,That is also to match the identity.。
Yang Hao stood up and wiped the tears of the corner.,It means that he looks at him.,I immediately sigh.。
“Emperor is not happy,He is not as mad as you have seen.,Maybe you will understand later。”
If you ask this north, who is the most well-known,That person is non-Yangzio。In fact,Gao Yang’s most trusted person,Not Gao Bo,But Yang Wei。
Just Yang Wei is a minister,It is also from Hongnong Yang.,The traces of the family are too heavy,Personality is also a weak,Unable to pay big things!So the ocean chose Gao Baoyi!
It can only be said to be also transported.,Sometimes I don’t say that you are most trusted by the monarch.,Can be entrusted。
“I’m entering the autumn,What is your plan??Jinyang is not a good break,They have been waiting for the first emperor,now,They finally waited,What do you think?”
Yang Hao is awe-asking,That fat body,It is not a laugh.。
“Jinyang is deficient,I will inevitably take a drums of the south of the city,Otherwise they will starve。But as long as we can keep the water,So the Jinyang army must not fight!”