“Who will let you get started,And I still have baby granddaughter.,What can you use a purple gold card??”

Looking at the two people have to mutual。
Li Hui Feng hurriedly:“Qin Grandpa,Grandfather,Don’t you fight,I have no longer think about it.,And I still have a word,I have the biggest luck, I have a snow.,Will not expect anything?,The most critical, I still young,You can create a beautiful harbor to the snow with your own hands.。”
Qin Xue listened to Li Hui’s words,I am also a sweet feeling in my heart.,But on the face is a seal,But the shame of the bucket is shameless, but anyone。
“Hahaha know,knowledge,But this is nothing to do with you.,Because you really have to make our two homes for ten years.。”
“do you know,What is the two old guys do more ten years??
It means that no matter whether Qin family is still in the past, there is an unprecedented development.,I now give you this point, although it is a lot.,But I won’t be the same ten years later.,So what should I still give?,The nature of this thanks must be grateful。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect Qin Tianjiao to say such a straightforward,I didn’t think that the other party didn’t reserve the future of these families.。
But even so,He also doesn’t want to enter Qin family or Zheng Jia.,His heart is still in the village。
Because there is a person in the village,There are people who like him.,There is also the current village to start developing,He originally thought that it would go back to the village after studying for a while.。
I haven’t thought of so many things after I didn’t expect it.,Especially the relationship between Qin Xue,Simply developed。
I didn’t expect to be involved in Qin’s home.,I also got the recognition of Qin Tianjiao.。
Although I don’t know how much Qin Tian is arrogant.,But see that birthday banquet,Li Hui Feng knows that Qin Tianjia is absolutely can’t be underestimated.。
“Forehead,Qin Grandpa,I really don’t want to accept your gift.,Because I didn’t want any revenge when I started at first.,I didn’t think about everything behind it.,I am very simple with the snow.,Very purely love each other,And Qin Grandpa, I have always regarded you as your own Qin grandfather.,If this is doped in this,I feel that the taste of the kind will become a taste.。”
Li Hui said that it is also straightforward.,Listening to Qin Tian arrogant is a glimpse。
For Li Hui, they are really optimistic.,Don’t say anything else,Is Li Hui Feng, this medical skill,It is also enough to be worthless。
Moreover, Li Hui is still very exciting, no matter how people do things.。
In particular, Li Hui’s words just now,Let Qin Tian arrogant and Zheng Ming Yun also feel good。
They also never thought of feelings that they did not doped any benefits.。
After all, I have been,Even if my closest people are hooks with interests。
And the reason for Qin family is complete because Qin Tianjiao’s iron wrist,Let the following kids don’t dare to move,Otherwise, Qin Tianjia feels that he will walk,Qin family doesn’t have to use others,I have a fight in my nest.。
As for Zheng’s family, where is it?,A small fox。
“Row,I will not force this.,This jade you are holding,No right,No super conventional value,But if you have difficulty,Have something,You are holding this jade to find anyone of Qin family.,Will help you unconditionally,After all, we are a loved ones.。”
Li Hui Feng knows,If this is not received,That’s probably not a relative.,It is the meaning of clarifying the boundaries with the other party.。
When I took jade,Li Hui Feng is suddenly open:“Qin Grandpa,Grandfather,I still have some excessive requirements.。”
Chapter 282 Holiday Hill Village
any request?”
I heard Li Hui Feng said that the requirements,Two people are all,They are also very curious, how can I have some excessive requirements?。
“Hey-hey,I want the second to expose not to expose it, I will make you young and longevity.,At the same time,I also hope that I will try my longevity for ten years.,Young things exposed。”
Li Hui’s words are just a glimpse.,I understand the other person’s meaning.。
After all, Li Hui Feng is now in power or financial resources.,It is no self-insurance,Once burst,Then Li Hui will definitely have a lot of people.。
As for them,I have negotiated in the morning, I can’t open my face.,After all, the young ten-year-old thing is too counter-sky.,They don’t want to be studied。
“Ha ha,Is this not a matter?,absolutely okay,And I have already discussed your grandfather.,Even if it is known that we are young ten years old.,We will also tell others to be a cosmetic credit.,Will not expose your half information。”
“Hey-hey,Thank you, Qin, Grandpa Zheng Grandpa.,I didn’t expect to have such a reason.。”