You let him not go,Is this not broken their feelings??”

European is not intentionally,Rebuttated:“Some feelings,Pass through,Too much is not a good thing。”
Mu Ziyu has other ideas,Even if he is awkward,Will n’t wait until a satisfactory answer,Only suffering。
Because,He is really happy to think about it.。
He has its own dignity,I don’t want to give Le Yu to marry him a disabled person.。
The key is that Muzi is residual.,The heart is also residual,Only he wants to always,Can save himself。
Others say more,Mu Zihao only has an idea,He now,Unspeakable。
He is thinking about it now is these,Can others still advise him??
Love is sometimes beautiful,Sometimes it is in it’s imperfect,Because it is not perfect,Will people feel like this,So that the fate is not too late to start,There is no so-called ending。
Mu Ziyi will never get up this leg.,This love will never have results.。
He understands Mu Zihao,He is such a simple person。
He would rather pay for the other party,Pay never stay,Even if you can’t get the result you want,He is also willing。
Lin Yu Tiandao:“Son,I have heard of it.,But you really want to go down.?”
Mu Ziyi is only looked at a few people.,Eye,There is no undulations:“Let’s go.,A Cheng’s birthday gift,I have already prepared for him.,Take it with you together.。”
Three people looked at him.。
Until getting on the bus,Su Shengming is a bit indignant,“What is Mu Ziyi??
Le Yu is willing to accompany him,He kept pushing the fate.,He thought that he was a great president.,Which woman can stand like this refusal?
After all, everyone has self-esteem.。”
Ou Jing and Lin Wei have not answered his words after listening to him.。
NS865chapter:He is always the one that is being smashed.
Su Shengming looked at the two people,I looked at them and I glanced.,European,Note is just the front,Also known as,Thoroughly ignore the existence of Su Shengming。
Lin Yu Tian Junyi’s face is shallow and evil spirits,“Boast,Emotional things can’t be strong。”
“What can’t be strong?
Mu Zihao is self-sufficient,When love is like a tide to yourself,Don’t be too attached,It should be bravely supported,Embrace love,In this way, you can enjoy the love,You see what he is now lost.,Soul dream,Mingming so much like music,But you have to refuse people outside the door.,Does which this is worth a true heart??”
Su Shengming said,One side,Say passionate。
He will come over and see Mu Zizi every day.,He sits on the window,Full face and affectionate,It looks painfully outside the window。
The maple tree outside his home window,Gradually yellow,It seems to also have the only hope of his heart.。
He looked at his loneliness,Really distressed。
“hehe”Lin Wei shook his head,“Boast,You said that he can’t hear more.,Don’t whisper,This feeling needs him to know,Need him to come out。
But there is a problem。”
“what is the problem?”
Su Sei Ming out,He is not a love expert,Don’t understand these love love,His own is still indifferent??
Go home every day,His mother saw his first sentence is,When will you bring a girlfriend??
He can only refer to the red and yellow trees that the leaves of the fingers,Say:“Mother,Autumn,I am suitable for a different love in the fall.。”
Then his mother will throw the pillow on the sofa to him without politely.。
Be angry:“Your mixed beon,That Lu Haozheng three,One is talent,You have no eggs this time.,The old lady can’t hold the grandson.。”
Lu Hao Cheng’s three children,Since then, they have an example in several people.。
A group of half old Xu Niang played with mahjong,It’s all about Lu Haocheng.。
Lu Haocheng is a person with a person,He is no one,How can it be comparable??
Lin Biao is slightly,The look is lazy,Surprised dazzling:“This requires a true heart of Le Yu.,Let her feel the heart of the heart,Be closely close,Let Mu Zi will come out,The two people can really have results。”