Huang Shilin said,Wave of right hand,Who in his body,Rushed to grow up。After all, there is only Xia Jian on the other side.,No one wants to take the lead。

Xia Jian looked broken,So many people rushed up all at once,Even if you have three heads and six arms,It’s hard to deal with。He can only move these people away,In this case,He can support for a while、
“Get in the car soon”Xia Jian pushed Guan Tingna hard,Then stretch his hand to the waist,Pressed the spring button of the waist dart bag。In a blink of an eye,He has an extra weapon in his hand。
These people brought by Huang Shilin,Less than twenty or thirty,In the hands of each of them,All holding sticks。They slowly,Forced up step by step。
Seeing a great disparity between life and death broke out immediately,Xia Jian’s little heart jumped wildly。Not afraid of death, but it’s fake。
At this time,With the sound of a few car horns,A few bright lights followed。After flying sand and rocks,More than a dozen cars lined up behind Guan Tingna。
The door opens,Dozens of men in black jumped off the car,Their possessions are more complete,Shield of tempered glass left hand,The right hand is the rubber rod。
These people rushed over,He surrounded Huang Shilin and his son。Huang Shilin couldn’t help but change his face。Xia Jian is also inexplicable,What the hell is going on?
Just when he was in a daze,A man’s voice suddenly came from behind:“Who is not long-eyed who dares to bully my daughter?”
Xia Jian looked back,A slender figure,The man with a cane strode to Guan Tingna’s side。
Guan Tingna said coldly:“Why did you come so long,Just don’t want to come”
“Oh good girl!As soon as my dad received the call, he asked someone to come over。It’s a pity that there are many cars in the city at this time,A little time wasted”The middle-aged man laughed and said。
Guan Tingna raised her neck and said:“If you missed my business tonight,I won’t care about you again in my life”
“Okay daughter!I see who is so bold in Bucheon”Middle-aged man talking,I arrived in front of Xia Jian in two steps。
When Xia Jiangang was about to snorted him,When Huang Shilin on the other side saw this person,Swaying his fat body and rushing over。He trot,Said gruffly:“Ouch!Mr. Guan!How did you come?”
“Huang Shilin!Did you lead someone to bully my daughter??”The middle-aged man questioned like Hong Zhong。
Huang Shilin,Trembling slightly and asked:“Guan Tingna is your daughter?Is this true?”
“Less nonsense!This thing can be false。You don’t want to think,Is Guannan a casual person??”Middle-aged man talking about this。Xia Jian was convinced that this man is Guan Tingna and her father Guan Nan。