Yu Shi knows what he means,Smile in my heart,This man will be jealous。

See Yushi and go out alone,Cui Ronghao didn’t care to greet the guests and ran out,But don’t want to see this scene at the door。
He wanted to rush forward to stop Yushi,But what can I do if I stop it?Ji Yunfeng has officially declared that the poem is his girlfriend,He can only show that he is not generous enough,Even let Yushi despise him。
Thought for a while,He turned and walked back。Hotel lobby entrance,More and more guests going out,Cui Ronghao smiled and said goodbye to them,No time to lose for now。
Seeing the people in the hotel are almost gone,Zhao Haiyi came out。Since being demoted,He felt that his colleagues looked at him strangely,Being a man with his tail sandwiched is his current life creed。
Drizzle from the sky,Gradually,Raindrops are getting bigger and bigger,With the cool wind coming towards him。Zhao Haiyi is a bit cold,But relative to the cold,He feels colder。
More than twenty minutes ago,Through the French windows of the hotel,He saw Yu Shi got on Ji Yunfeng’s car。That is a red sports car,Very cool,I don’t know how much more expensive than his car。Compared with Ji Yunfeng,He feels very shabby。
Recall the scene of Yu Shi and Ji Yunfeng’s deep affection,Zhao Haiyi couldn’t help being upset,My head hurts again。His headaches are getting worse these days,He has a bad feeling,This problem,It’s not just a headache……
Ji Yunfeng took Yushi home and left。Yushi changed her dress,I went to bed and rested when I was cleaned up。
Experienced so many things,She is tired,Tired to be too lazy to think about things,Fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes。
The next morning,The bright sun shines through the glass window on the pink sheets。Yu Shi has woken up,Stretched my body,Ready to get up。
It rained heavily the night before,Open window,There is a fresh smell in the air,Seeing being soaked in rain、Shiny leaves,Yushi’s mood suddenly became clear。
Had breakfast,She walked out of the house before her mother。
She took a deep breath,Immersed in wonderful feelings,Don’t want to hear someone call her,She looked up,Ji Yunfeng’s car stopped at the gate。
He waved to her from the car,The fallen car windows reflect the sunlight,Outline his perfect profile more delicately,The noble and elegant temperament between the eyebrows matches the scenery in front of you。
Light breeze,Secret fragrance floating,Poems follow the sound,Reminiscent of a fairy in a flower,There is a beauty。
She is wearing a white silk shirt,Black fishtail skirt。Slightly open shirt collar,Revealing a small piece of dazzling under the neck、White skin。A perfect combination of the savvy and capable of professional women and the youthful vitality of girls in their twenties。
Watching her get closer and closer,Ji Yunfeng was lost for a moment。