Xia Jian feels wronged,He quit,Give a cold drink:“Do you believe it or not,Whatever you want,I really didn’t do anything,I knew you didn’t believe me so much,Why we might as well do something”

“Hahahaha!The nature finally revealed”Zhao Hong couldn’t help laughing。
Just then Mo Yan knocked on the door and walked in,She said hello to Xia Jian,And said to Zhao Hong:“village head!I have already counted our output,If this is the vegetable market of fifteen townships at the same time,Our output is still missing a big chunk,Should we cut off those customers with bad profits??”
“No no no,Which 50 acres of land in Zhangwang Village will open a bidding meeting these days,As soon as I get it,Supply these small places,Isn’t it very easy”Xia Jian hurriedly interrupted Mo Yan。
Zhao Hong was anxious:“Bidding?Why don’t you tell me?“
“It’s not too late now!Relevant information,I have people ready,Then you can go with Mo Yan“Xia Jian said very easily。
Zhao Hong hesitated and asked:“Won’t you go?“
“this is nothing,You’ll be done,This tender,I asked someone to write it,There should be no problem,What’s more, which king has returnedgzwent,Will the bidding meeting be delayed because of him“Xia Jian smiled and said to Zhao Hong。
Zhao Hong took a breath and said:“I’m relieved“
The Xichuan River in the sunset is like a jade belt。
Xia Jian and Zhao Hong walking by the river,Watching the golden light on the water,Xia Jian couldn’t help saying:“Such clear river water,But the livelihood of the downstream villagers,If we can’t protect it,And was sabotaged,We really became sinners through the ages“
“Alright!Don’t be sour,It’s not you who ruined Xichuan River,Sinner“Zhao Hong’s tone is blunt,Appears extremely impatient。
This woman’s face changes when it changes,Xia Jian helplessly shook his head,Accompanied by cautious and softly asked:“what happened to you?Is it troublesome?“
“Which of me didn’t come,Most likely“Zhao Hong lowered his voice and said。
Xia Jian looked puzzled,Asked again:“What has?“
Zhao Hongbai gave Xia Jian a look,Said quietly:“I have your baby“
Xia Jianyi listen,Like a thunder on a sunny day,He asked after a long while:“Is what you said true?I feel so unlikely”
“Look at my virtue,I know you are not a responsible man,Rest assured,I won’t find you,I have the ability to handle this matter“Zhao Hong’s voice is as cold as ice。
Xia Jian took a long breath and said:“That was not what I meant,I just feel like I’m not ready yet,This to me,A little sudden“
Zhao Hong stared at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“You know you are happy,Never care about my feelings,remember,As long as you sow the seeds,There will always be a bud“