Xia Jian drove the car,One side took a long breath。It’s really a belly,When he said this,I feel a little uncomfortable。

Fang Fang hasn’t spoken for a long time,It seems she is considering this。About ten minutes later,She sighed and said:“The mall is like a battlefield,It seems that this sentence is true。You too**The lake,Don’t be fooled by a woman in the future”
“Cheated by a woman?Am i so stupid?”Xia Jian said unconvincingly。
Fang Fang smiled and said:“Have you been cheated,You know”
Fang Fang’s words,Let Xia Jian completely speechless。They never said a word along the way。
First2299chapter Caught a woman’s trap
Back from the cemetery,Xia Jian invited Fang Fang to a potluck,Fang Fang’s call came,Said it was urgent,She left in a hurry。
Xia Jian made an appointment to see Zhang Teng at night,So in the afternoon, he drove back to the villa。I was free all of a sudden,I feel like I have nothing to do。He rarely lay down on the sofa and watched TV。
suddenly,His cell phone rang at this time。Xia Jian took a look,This phone number is a landline number,And this area code is still Bucheon。
Few people really know Xia Jian’s current phone number,So the person who called him,Generally he knows。Xia Jian hesitated a bit,Connected to the phone。
A familiar、Woman’s voice:“Hello Mr. Xia!I heard you came to Bucheon,Why not say hello,Let’s sit down and have two drinks!”
Xia Jian was taken aback,I think this sound is so familiar,Can’t remember for a while。Is it He Wei??Something wrong。suddenly,Xia Jianmeng remembered,He immediately controlled his emotions,Said coldly:“Are you Zhou Li!Is the news well informed??”
“Bucheon is just this big,You big guy is here,Can i not know?Free in the afternoon!Come to my house for two drinks,Let’s relive the past”Zhou Li’s voice on the phone is full of charming。
Xia Jian said with a cold smile:“Sorry!I’m busy。I hope you don’t make this call in the future,It’s better if we don’t have any contact”Xia Jian’s words are a bit unsympathetic。