Elderly people must pay attention to these things when taking a bath

Elderly people must pay attention to these things when taking a bath

In the summer, it is normal to sweat every day. Many people take a bath at night, and the elderly are no exception. However, because the elderly are weaker than young people, they should pay attention to these things when taking a bath to avoid danger:  No abnormalities in the body before bathing: Before the elderly take a bath, make sure the body is in good condition.

Just after eating the meal, just taking the medicine or feeling tired, the body is weak, dizziness and nausea, try not to bathe, so as not to step on the sultry will aggravate the symptoms.

Before entering the bathroom, make sure that the elderly are free from dizziness, nausea and other discomfort.

For elderly people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it is best to prepare some commonly used emergency medicines when taking a bath.

  Wash the cup of water before the bath: It is best to drink a cup of warm water before bathing.

Because according to the measurement, the blood viscosity of the elderly who did not drink water before bathing, the blood viscosity was measured 10 minutes after bathing, and the result was significantly higher than the blood viscosity before bathing.

The reason is that the elderly are prone to sweating a lot during bathing, and the blood in the blood is also greatly reduced, resulting in an increase in blood viscosity.

The experiment also proved that the same person should drink a small cup of warm water (about 200 ml) before taking a bath, and then bathe with the same water temperature for 10 minutes. The measured blood viscosity after bathing can be kept normal.

  Don’t take too long: the bathroom is poorly ventilated, the temperature is high, and the humidity is high, which causes the oxygen content in the bathroom to decrease.

The old human body is generally weak, and it is very dangerous to feel thirsty when taking a bath for a long time. The boots are dazzled, palpitations, chest tightness and other symptoms.

  Do not fasting before bathing: When bathing, the sultry environment will consume a part of the body’s energy, and at this time, the metabolism is faster, causing people to feel aging when taking a bath.

If the elderly go to the bathroom without taking a meal, it is easy to feel dizzy and disgusting.

Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly do not enter the bathroom with empty stomach, it is best to maintain a state of five or six full.

Do not eat too much, avoid excessive fatigue when taking a bath.

You can also eat chocolate and candy before the bath to replenish energy.

  Bring a small bench: The old man’s physical strength is limited. Over the years, he may feel powerless and easily faint and slip.

Therefore, the elderly can take a small bench to borrow when they take a bath.

If you are tired, you can sit and wash, saving your physical strength and not worrying about slipping.

The small bench is preferably wooden, and the plastic is not strong enough to be wet and slippery after being wet.

If conditions permit, the elderly can take a bath in the bathtub, which is safer and more secure than showering.

The bathroom floor should be non-slip, and it is best to place an anti-slip mat before the old man enters the bath.

  Don’t lock the door after entering the bathroom: the elderly are weak, the balance is poor, and the elderly diseases such as high blood pressure and high blood pressure, as well as the narrow bath room and the slippery ground, are prone to various dangerous situations.

If the old man locks the bathroom door, it will delay the timely rescue time because the door lock cannot be opened for a while.

Therefore, it is best to install a frosted or tinted glass window in the door of the old man’s bathroom. Even the old man is in danger. The outside person can break the glass window in time and put his hand in to open the door lock in time to rescue.