Wang Ma took a big lipstick mist with a look of intoxication,Smiled:“If it wasn’t for Mr. Lu,How can we enter such a deep area,The purity of the red mist here is really high,I feel like I am improving every second。”

Liu Guofeng also nodded,Feel the same。
Enter the jungle core area,Especially where the concentration of red mist is so high,For them mutants,Really like a fish in water,All over,Every cell seems to be greedily absorbing the red mist
energy,Make yourself stronger。
In fact,Even a girl Li,Don’t look at her in such a bad state,That’s because her body strength can’t keep up,After she walks out of this jungle,Her mental power mutation will also be greatly enhanced。
So-called my honey,Arsenic·Frost,See things from a different perspective,The conclusions reached will be very different。
The production of red mist,Transformation of the earth’s natural environment,Make the red zone continue to expand,For normal human society,Is a bad result。But for those already For adaptive mutants,But it is an excellent living environment,Will make them stronger。
now,Even Carlo’s mentality has become a little subtle,On the one hand, fully enjoy the power brought by the red mist,On the one hand, the original intention of the task is not forgotten,Is to eliminate the source of the red mist,Block the continued expansion of the red zone。
This in itself is an extremely contradictory complex mentality,Which subtle,It’s not good enough for outsiders!
Under the guidance of Lu Menglin,Everyone began to climb from the northern slope。
The terrain of this hillside is very unique,Round like a big bag,There are no plants on the slope,Only hard rock and sand,And the land that has been reddened。
In fact,This hilly terrain,Actually appeared in the Amazonian horse basin,Appeared in this tropical rain forest,Itself is a very abnormal thing。
Everyone didn’t know what method Lu Menglin used to determine that the Snake King was there.,But this time,Obviously there is no better choice。
Everyone has his own secret,And Lu Menglin,Obviously the person with the most secrets。
After climbing the hill,The scene in front of me suddenly became clear。
Everyone took a closer look,Suddenly took a breath。
This so-called hillside at the foot,Where is the real hillside,It’s just a giant eggshell,Or it’s one of the facades of this super giant eggshell。