[What beef is suitable for steak _ steak is the piece of meat on the beef]

[What beef is suitable for steak _ steak is the piece of meat on the beef]

Although steak is a blocky form of beef, not all beef is suitable for making steaks, because when eating steaks, everyone will find that the general steak parts are only meat, and few beef tendons are present.

Therefore, when selecting beef to make steak, you also need a certain method to be able to pick out the right beef.

So which part of beef is suitable for making steak in the process of making steak?

1.[Rib-eye Steak]: This part is taken from the muscles of the ribs of the cattle close to the back. The tenderness of the meat is second only to the strength.It is recommended to grill to 5?
7-cooked, it is best to burn through the fat and emit the butter flavor. It is fresh and chewy. It is the most anticipated and most considered steak site in Taiwan.”Steak” is a certain length.

Second,[Old Steak / Top Steak]: Old Steak is the top meat cut along the fascia of rib-eye beef. It is the essence of rib-eye steak., The meat texture is smooth and tender, it is very fresh and sweet, and the juice is overflowing. It is claimed to be 5?
7 minutes.

Third,[Fillet Steak]: The fillet steak is taken from the internal part of the beef loin. Each thousand pounds of beef can only cut out a few pounds of fillet. It is the tenderest part of beef and generally the most expensive.steak.

The amount of exercise in this part is small, so the meat is creamy and tender, and the fat content is very low. It is a steak that can be tasted elegantly.

Filet Mignon claims to eat 3 minutes cooked method. If it is over cooked, the meat will harden, and you cannot taste the fresh and juicy filet mignon and its delicate and delicate flavor.

4.[Sirloin Steak]: It is taken from the bone part of the front ribs of the cow. It can be taken with bone or boneless.During the process, the oil juice will overflow with high temperature, and the beef taste is very good.
All cooked.

In the grilled to fully cooked state, the beef shrinkage will naturally separate from the ribs. At this time, the beef tenderloin and crispy tendons and chewy meat are the best.

V.[New Yorker]: It is taken from the front loin of the beef. Due to the slight amount of movement in this part, the meat is firmer, its oil spread is even, and the fat content is between the rib eye and filet.The rich beef flavor is suitable for bold taste, and it is very addictive to chew, it is called 3?
5 minutes maturity.

In the United States, this part is in a steakhouse. Club’s most commonly used steak part is also called Club Steak.

6.[T-Bone Steak / Red House Steak]: Taken from the front lumbar spine of the cow, disassemble the T-bone in the center of the T-Bone Steak. It is a filet of steak and a slice of New Yorker steak.The difference is obvious. The filet mignon is classified as lean and fresh, while the New Yorker is chewy and oily. The T-bone steak just satisfies both needs at the same time. The serving size is generally allowed. The degree of maturity is 3?
5 minutes cooked.

However, the position of the lumbar spine slices is different, and the filet strength and separation of the New Yorker will be different. If the sliced portion is relatively close to the tail end, and the portion of the filet is a section in diameter, such a T-bone is called Porterhouse.If the slice is close to the top, the Philip’s portion will become smaller and smaller, and even a thin piece will be left, mostly composed of New Yorkers, which is a typical T-shaped bone.

Seven,[back loin, rump steak, sirloin steak]: It is the back loin of beef on both sides of the back lumbar spine. The meat is moderately tender, with a small amount of oil, but spread evenly. The beef flavor is good. This position is close to the legsThe muscles of the body are slightly chewy.

The meat quality of the back loin is the best at this slitting part, and you can cut out the best rump steak.

This part of beef is more commonly seen in Taiwanese steakhouses or restaurants, and part of it is provided by the calf sirloin method. Generally, it is more commonly seen at restaurant buffets by grilling whole rump meat and slicing it.

Sharon in the United States refers to the lower loin, while in Taiwan the term “shalon” generally refers to “rib-eye steak”.