[Dongying specialty snacks]_Dongying specialty products_What’s going on

[Dongying specialty snacks]_Dongying specialty products_What’s going on

There are many attractions in Dongying. If you go to tourism, the scenery is very pleasant, especially the wetland eco-tourism area and other places will attract Endo tourists every year. In fact, Dongying travels to Dongying in addition to the beautiful scenery.Be sure to eat Dongying’s food. There are also many types of snacks in Dongying. Different places, types of food and how to eat are different. The special snacks of Dongying are introduced below.

Dongying Special Snacks 1, Lijin Shuijianbao: It is a special snack in Lijin County, Dongying. It started in the Qing Dynasty and was called the National Period.

Lijin Shuijianbao is a fried dough bun, which is generally divided into two types: meat filling and vegetarian filling.

The point is: one side is fried until golden and crispy, and all three sides are white and tender.

The trapped skin is thin, fragrant but not greasy, suitable for all ages.

2. Fresh fish soup from the old course of the Yellow River: One of the special dishes of Lijin County, which is usually live catfish, black fish, herring, catfish, etc. This fish is wild fish salvaged from the old course of the Yellow River. It is often processed many times. Its soupIt is creamy white and tastes delicious.

3, Beiling Maruko: Special small balls made by Beiling Township, Lijin County, Dongying.

It is also a big thing for locals to hold a big banquet table.

It is made from lean pork with salt, starch, water, egg white and other condiments.

The water in Beiling Wanzi is pure yellow river water, and it adds chemical properties such as pigments and flavors.

Its characteristics are: good flexibility, low aunt, and delicious.

4, casserole oxtail: is a traditional famous dish, belongs to Lu similar.

Generally, this dish is made with oxtail, dried scallops and dried ham, and yam and carrot are also added. Its characteristics are: the oxtail is soft and rotten, and the taste of the soup penetrates into the meat.

Think about it drooling.

5. Egg yolk prawns: a special product of Dongying, the method is: flat bread, then shrimp, egg yolk on top, then put shrimp gelatine, lard, then dipped in eggs and raw flour, and finallyFried in a pan, the outer coke is tender, and the shrimp is delicious and has the flavor of egg yolk.

Very special.

6, Shikou roast chicken: It is a specialty of Shikou Town, Dongying District, also known as Shikou Five-flavored Crispy Chicken.

It is a small Chai chicken selected from local farm sheep. It is prepared through a variety of methods. Its characteristics are: fragrant into the bone, crispy and delicious.

And you do n’t need to use a knife when you eat it. With a shake, the flesh separates itself, whether it ‘s hot or cold, it ‘s delicious.

7, Yellow River Saury: Dongying is the entrance to the Yellow River, and is rich in fresh saury every year.

Saury is rich in nutrition, and it is also found in the Yangtze River estuary and the Pearl River.

But only the Yellow River Mouth Saury is the most popular treasure.

The saury dung here is rich, fragrant, and the meat is tender and delicious.

It can be fried, stewed, braised meatballs, and steamed.

8, Guangrao sauce donkey meat: It is a traditional famous dish in Guangrao County, Dongying. It is said that the delicious donkey meat produced here was very good but easy to chew, and the flavor was not greasy.

Because of its soup with Chinese medicine, even if the fly does not bite or bite in the summer, it will not deteriorate.

Guangrao cuisine donkey meat has been passed down from generation to generation and has maintained a good reputation.

So it is necessary to taste it.