Medicinal wine can cure diseases, but these patients are best not to drink medicinal liquor

Medicinal wine can cure diseases, but these patients are best not to drink medicinal liquor

Wine is not a universal therapy, it has its scope of application, and it has its own taboo.

The ancient saying: “Water can carry a boat, you can also retake the boat.”

The relationship between medicinal liquor and health, the philosophy of pre-existing ancient training.

The applicable drink will benefit, and vice versa, the right amount of supplement will benefit, and too many repeaters will suffer, so it should be remembered.

It is best not to drink medicinal liquor for certain patients. Digestive diseases such as peptic ulcer, esophagitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic colitis, etc. should be avoided.

The medicinal liquor is not suitable, and some direct stimulation makes the symptoms worse; some gather in the liver, which damages the liver cells and aggravates the condition.

2, cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, drinking lower blood pressure, the longer the time, the higher the blood pressure.

Although a small amount of coronary heart disease drinking can make the diameter of the coronary artery slightly dilated, the condition can be alleviated, but the long-term large amount can inhibit the activity of the enzyme and increase the incidence of coronary arteriosclerosis.

Other various organic heart diseases are also because they can speed up the heart rate, dilate blood vessels, increase the heart load, and it is best not to drink.

3, exogenous diseases such as colds, pharyngitis, bronchitis, fever, sore throat, cough, etc., because they can aggravate the condition, they must stop drinking.

4, stroke (stroke) patients drink too much and often cause blood embolism, such as with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and smoking and other risk factors, will increase the incidence of stroke, early onset time.

5, fracture or bruises patients with alcohol, blood circulation and pain relief, early avoidance of excessive, in order to prevent damage to bone metabolism, affect repair ability, and gradually destroy the healing.

A small amount of free radicals have the effect of promoting blood circulation and collaterals, which can promote early recovery.

6, endocrine system diseases such as diabetes, should be prohibited.

7, alcohol consumption in patients with epilepsy can induce seizures.

8, suffering from chronic diseases, see low heat or hot flashes, night sweats, weight loss, blush dry mouth, hands and feet, heart heat and other yin deficiency fire Wang, are not suitable for suffering, to prevent alcohol, help heat injury, aggravate the condition.

9, cancer patients, it is best not to drink alcohol to take medicated wine to pay attention to the wine itself is a medicine, it can also cure the disease, with the drug, the drug by the wine potential, the wine to help the drug, its effectiveness, and the scope of application continues to expand.

Because medicinal liquor has the effects of preventing and curing diseases, health care, and longevity, it has been welcomed.

China currently has about 1 drinker.

100 million people, about 12.5 billion kilograms of wine per year, can be described as a major drinking country.

However, if it is not appropriate to accept or accept it improperly, it will be counterproductive.

Therefore, it is especially important to drink alcohol in moderation and pay attention to the various taboos of adding wine and medicinal liquor.


Think that it is not appropriate to drink too much.

When taking medicinal liquor or drinking wine, it should be reasonable and appropriate according to the tolerance of the person. Do not drink too much, so as to avoid dizziness, vomiting, palpitations and other adverse reactions.

Even supplemental medicinal wines should not be served more. If you take more ginseng supplements, you can cause chest and abdomen to swell and not think about eating. If you take more velvet-filled remedies, you can cause fever, irritability, and even snoring.Nose bleeding) and other symptoms.


People who are not suitable for drinking can’t drink.

Any medicinal liquor or drinking wine is not suitable for anyone. If it is not applicable, it is forbidden to drink.

For example, pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should not take medicinal liquor, nor should they take glucose.

Old and infirm, because the metabolic function is relatively slow, the alternative medicine should also be reduced, it is not appropriate to drink more.


You should choose medicinal liquor according to your condition and you should not drink it.

Every medicinal wine has a range of adaptation, and you can’t drink alcohol.

In case of complications such as cold, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., it is necessary to replace the medicinal liquor, and it is not advisable to absorb nourishing medicinal liquor.


The consequences of not drinking alcohol, can not drink.

For chronic nephritis.Chronic renal insufficiency, chronic colitis and hepatitis, cirrhosis, digestive system ulcers, invasive or cavitary tuberculosis, epilepsy, cardiac insufficiency, hypertension, etc., drinking alcohol, even medicinal wine is not appropriate, so as not to aggravateCondition.
However, it is not absolute. Some invest in targeted low-grade medicinal liquors, which are neither obstructive nor beneficial.

But also use it with caution.

In addition, people who are allergic to alcohol or certain skin diseases should also supplement or use medicinal liquor with caution.


Topical medicinal liquor, can not be taken orally.

Where medicinal liquor for external use is prescribed, oral administration is prohibited.

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