Actively promote the bank branch in Tianjin "ICBC e circularization letter" new model line circularization

Recently, Tianjin trial with the accounting firm on "ICBC confirmations e letter" platform launched the sum of confirmations business application, after the unit is authorized confirmations by ICBC corporate Internet banking, just a few minutes to get back to letter results. Up to now, China Audit Certified Public Accountants have been linked through the "ICBC confirmations e letter", successfully handled over one hundred pen confirmations business. China Audit Certified Public Accountants Union Leader Wang said: "relative to the previous line travel back and forth, in the field of paper issued by circularization way, ‘confirmations ICBC e-letter’ dealing with across the board really convenient.

Not only saves us time, labor costs, during the epidemic also reduce a lot of unnecessary out. "It is understood that," ICBC confirmations e letter "is the process under special service operators ICBC Tianjin Branch is promoting an online and offline.

By the accounting firm "ICBC confirmations e letter" platform to realize online inquiry of the bank handling the whole process, customers need only provide the audited unit or bank account name to access to bank deposits, term loans, guarantees, etc. 14 Inquiry probanda results, and do confirmations process can be traced back to support the electronic seal with the result of electronic filing, confirmations whole process was reduced from 10-20 days to less than two business days.

"ICBC e-letter confirmations" The biggest difference is that traditional letter of inquiry by the online handle, greatly reducing the paper confirmations by mail from the accounting firm, a unit signature, and reply to the bank inquiry with multiple links time. Electronic letter of inquiry from the bank automatically transfer back to electronic confirmations platform, reducing manual intervention, to further improve the content of the reply security and accuracy. In recent years, in order to meet the financial services needs of customers of non-contact, ICBC branch in Tianjin adhere to technology-enabled, continue to traditional offline business model to sort out the transformation, has realized the inquiry of the bank, VAT special ticket printing, corporate vouchers purchased under the integrated operation of public households, more than 20 scenes online and offline. This year, the bank’s new model of integrated online and offline orders exceeded 300,000 cumulative pen, it has been widely favored by customers. Next, ICBC Tianjin Branch will continue to optimize the "line of convenient handling, process seamless, real-time interactive information" business model, in order to optimize the business environment and make greater contributions. (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.